Are all products available throughout the year?

Available throughout the year

Some perennials, (fruit) trees and shrubs can also be delivered in pots. These plants can be planted all year long, except during frost or with high temperatures. During the warm summer months, plants are mainly delivered in pots.

Houseplants are available all year round.

Garden tools: In addition to green products, we also offer various green-related products for your home, garden terrace and/or balcony. How easy is it to order your garden tools together with your green products? That means that you can get started right away when you receive your package!



Some perennials, (fruit) trees and shrubs are delivered as outdoor plants. These are plants with bare roots (without grower's spot). The plants are kept at rest by us and delivered to your home as soon as it is time to plant them. Because these plants still have to form roots, they cannot be delivered all year round.

Spring range
In spring, you can order summer flowering flower bulbs, as well as autumn flowering flower bulbs. Spring is an ideal time to plant bulbs. You can also start working with perennials, ornamental shrubs, trees/conifers, fruit, shrubs & trees, roses, climbing plants, water plants, tub plants and especially don't forget the annual summer bloomers for direct colour for in the garden!

Autumn range
In the autumn, you can already order spring flowering flower bulbs, perennials in pots and shrubs with root ball and without root ball, also conifers. Fruit trees (open ground, with bare roots) can be ordered from us from October onwards! Don’t forget to plant your roses in November, this is the ideal time to plant roses!

Keep an eye on the online shop in order to keep up with our range.

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