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How do I plant and maintain my plants?

When you look around our online shop, you will see a description with all products stating how you can best plant these specific products, how to take care of them, and whether they have any particularities.

Do you want to know how to best plant bulbs? Read about that here.


What should I do if I can’t plant my products immediately?

1.It is best for the plants if they are planted immediately, but if that is not possible, it is not a problem. Packages containing only the root system must be opened. The root system must be stored in a dry, frost-free place.

2.Trees and shrubs with an exposed root system can be stored in a cool, bright space away from the sun. They are usually packed in a moisture-retaining packaging to keep them moist. If the product has a root ball, it can be stored temporarily, but the root ball must be immersed in water to keep it moist.

3.Bulbs and tubers can be stored in their packaging, in a frost-free environment. It is best to plant the products as soon as possible after receipt.

What does it mean if my plant only produces leaves?

Possible causes:

  • The plant is not mature enough (lifespan of the plant). Fruit trees do not bear fruit immediately. Bear in mind that apple trees, for example, will only bear fruit after 2-4 years.
  • The plant is known to grow slowly. 
  • The composition of one of the three most important nutrients in soil, compost or fertilisers is out of balance. A fertiliser must be rich in potassium. 

Where can I find advice on pruning my shrubs?

Advice on pruning plants, trees and shrubs can be found on our pruning advice pages. Click here for the link.

Is it necessary to water the bulbs as soon as they are planted?

Yes, because watering after planting ensures that the plant has a good contact with the soil around the bulbs. This removes any air pockets. Please note: bulbs do not like soil that is too moist and heavy during winter.

Is your care question not listed here? Do you need help or advice? Then have a look at our garden advice pages or contact our customer service department via or 0113 2375580.


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