Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs give much more presence and depth to your garden even in winter! Because they keep their leaves, they form a ‘structure’. Your garden then looks green and full throughout the year. Boxwood and evergreens also help to enhance this effect! But the ornamental value of the shrubs is not limited only to their foliage, very often they also offer you a superb flowering and the alternations of colour have much value. Evergreen shrubs and trees are an important base element for the garden and some varieties make great hedges. Choose your favourite shrubs from below!

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Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubbery in the garden

With evergreen shrubs, the garden remains attractive and green in winter. Without them our gardens would look bare, with them you can enjoy a beautifully filled garden all year round.
Evergreen shrubs also add constant colour throughout the year and they also provide privacy and form a refuge for garden birds. Some shrubs also produce pretty berries that are a real treat for garden birds. It’s never boring in the garden!

Evergreen foliage

The foliage on evergreen shrubs is very strong, will last a long time and will survive well in all variations in temperature. Lots of evergreen foliage are quite thick and are often protected from drought by a waxy layer. As a result, the leaves look glossy and give them a ‘leathery’ look. It can seem like your evergreen shrub has the same foliage year after year but even evergreens shed their leaves. At some time, a leaf gets too old and will drop off. But it all happens gradually and only a few drop off throughout the year. They are soon replaced by new, young leaves, so the shrub will have leaves all year round.
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For more tips on planting and caring for evergreen shrubs, see our gardening advice pages online.