The easiest greenery to look after for your home: succulents

The easiest greenery to look after for your home: succulents

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Do you really not have green fingers? Do you usually kill the plants without quite knowing how, but would still like to add some greenery to your home? Then succulents are the solution to your green problems. Succulents originally grew in areas with extreme conditions, such as between rocks or in deserts. They can survive in such locations by storing water in the leaves of the plants. If these plants can survive in a desert, they can certainly manage in your home. They come in all shapes and sizes, and some succulents even flower! So, choose the succulent that suits you and your home.

Care tips

Despite the fact that succulents are easy to care for and require little attention, there are a number of things you need to take into account. We have a few tips for you to make your succulent thrive:

  1. The most common mistake in taking care of succulents is overwatering. Succulents do not like wet roots, so never leave a puddle in the pot. For example, you can choose an inner pot with holes. Place the plant with this inner pot in another flowerpot (which fits well with your interior decor). This means that the water does not stay in the potting soil, but seeps through it.
  2. Don't give too little water to the succulents. You can occasionally give the succulents a good splash of water, just like in the desert. After that, make sure the soil dries well so that there isn't a pool of water left behind. When the soil feels dry, give it a little water. In the summer this will be after about a week. In winter this can be once every 10 to 14 days. Tip: Do you find it difficult to give the right amount of water? Then use the water dispenser. It provides the correct amount of water.
  3. Succulents thrive in full sun. Put them in a place where they get a lot of sun and not at the back of a dark cabinet.
  4. Think carefully about what kind of pot you want for your succulent in advance. Succulents need a lot of oxygen, so it is best to use an open pot.
  5. Make sure that you have high-quality soil for your succulents. Ideally use special soil that is intended for succulents and cacti. In addition, Pokon clay pallets help the plants to grow well and provide a good footing.

2020 trends in succulents

Our growers and trend watchers have determined that the following succulents are the ones to watch out for in 2020.

  • Aloe vera is now perhaps the most famous succulent there is. The sap from the plant is increasingly used in food. But did you know that the sap also works well as a treatment for grazes and insect bites?
  • The Echeveria is an incredibly cool succulent that comes in all kinds of different colours. The water-retaining leaves look like a flower, making it a beautiful decoration for each room.
  • The Crassula is a family of succulents native to Africa. These succulents are also known as jade plants or money trees. The great thing about these succulents is that they come in all kinds of different shapes. For example, the Crassula Tennelli has pointed leaves that grow in different directions, whereas the Crassula 'Hobbit' has tubular leaves with a red dot. Find the Crassula that's right for you now.

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