Create your own home spa

Create your own home spa

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There's nothing like fully unwinding in a spa every now and then. A detox in the sauna, a stress-reducing massage followed by a refreshing dip in the pool. How much nicer would it be to have these treatments in your own home every day? With a number of well-known plants you can easily transform your bathroom into a wellness centre. We’ll show you how to easily create this yourself.


The sauna is one of the most important elements of the spa. The warmth of the steam will allow you to completely unwind. Sweat all the waste products out of your body. This can easily be recreated at home, with your shower and a very special plant: the eucalyptus. The eucalyptus plant is known for its wonderful fragrance and the medicinal effect of the sap in its leaves. The fantastic fragrance from its leaves can permeate your home sauna. Cut a number of branches from the plant and tie them together tightly. Hang the bundle of branches on the shower head with the water on a quite hot setting. The bathroom will slowly be suffused with a blissfully smelling steam. Your nose and pores will be immediately opened.

Face mask

A relaxing massage from your partner wouldn't be complete without a rejuvenating face mask. You can make this yourself from another super plant: the Aloe Vera. Simply cut off a leaf from the Aloe Vera plant and squeeze the sap out of it until you have about 2 tablespoons full. The beauty of the Aloe Vera is that it’s a self-healing plant. A protective membrane will form at the spot where you made the cut. Mix the leaf sap with some yoghurt and some very finely chopped cucumber. This mask is perfect for sensitive skin. A great feeling of zen will diffuse through your whole body.

Plunge pool

After the hot sauna you'll want to gently revive yourself in the plunge pool. Fill the bath with some bath foam and savour the cleansing water with a cup of tea. A cup of tea which, of course, can be made with ingredients from your own kitchen garden. Do you like herbal teas or perhaps you prefer fruit teas? There are several herbs which are suitable for brewing herbal teas. You could, for example, opt for mint or camomile tea. Wonderful teas can also be made from the leaves of certain plants. Consider the leaves of the wild strawberry or the Aloe Vera plants. Do you prefer fruit tea? Then, we recommend citrus fruits. A fresh lemon tea can give you that Mediterranean holiday feeling.

Does this home spa sound like music to your ears? Then get started! It's super easy to do it yourself. All you need are the right plants. These can all be found in our wide range.

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