Create your own urban jungle

Create your own urban jungle

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Some like a subtle hint of green, some like green galore — but for us at Bakker, bigger and greener is always best. Every room in a house should be transformed into an urban jungle. After all, you can never have enough greenery! Every day you'll enjoy beautiful plants and discover new things, such as a new leaf on the Strelitzia or perhaps a flower appearing on your Calathea. You'll find all of this in your urban jungle. How can you create this home jungle? Follow the simple steps below.

How to start creating an urban jungle atmosphere in your home

Plants need light, water and food to live. As a plant owner, you want your plants to be beautiful and healthy, especially in an urban jungle where every plant has an important place. Therefore, the first step to creating your urban jungle is picking your space carefully. It must have enough sunlight for the plants to grow green and strong. Many indoor plants originally come from the tropics and love lots of light and heat. Choose a room that you know gets at least three to five hours of sun every day. To give a specific example, the kentia palm needs three hours of direct sun light per day.

Every room can be transformed into an urban jungle, even the bathroom! But you'll need completely different plants than in the living room where the heating is always on. Air-purifying plants are always good! They regulate the humidity in a room. An urban jungle full of air-purifying plants is an absolute must. They come in all shapes and colours, such as the trendy Calathea or the chic Spathiphyllum.

What will your jungle look like?

Now it's time to completely fill your chosen room with greenery. Every single corner can do with a nice indoor plant. Choose the plants based on the amount of light and humidity available. To create a real jungle you will, of course, need some plants that actually come from the jungle. Take, for instance, the hanging Aeschynanthus that you can put on top of a tall cabinet — its hanging lianas will transport you to the rainforests of Asia. The climbing Monstera will shape your jungle. Larger plants can grow to almost the same height as a tree and make the perfect frame for your jungle. This indoor plant is another air-purifying plant. A ground layer is also a key part of a jungle. Cheerful spider plants and sturdy Sansevieria are perfect for the home, while low shelves are ideal for little cacti and succulents. Bring it all together with a splash of colour from a flowering Anthurium or Bromelia on a table. To paraphrase the famous saying, can you still see the jungle for the plants?

A plant is nothing without a…

Matching flower pot, of course! What luck that wicker baskets and terracotta pots fit the jungle theme. Gorgeous hanging pots are great for high-up spots and our range of plant hangers give them the support they deserve. For plants that keep their feet firmly on the ground, you should always pick a pot that is 3 cm bigger than the nursery pot. The nursey pot is the plastic pot that the plant comes in. The roots of the plant must always have enough space to grow. You will see that a plant will grow better as soon as it is given more space!

There's always room for more in your jungle

The best thing about an urban jungle is that it can always be bigger and greener. It's easy to add a new acquisition to your jungle at any time. You don't even have to buy new plants! Rejuvenate your plant family with cuttings from your older plants. This will help fill up your room and make it cosier. If you want to give your jungle a marsh aesthetic, plant your cuttings in water and be astounded at the results.

Want to get started on your own urban jungle? Take a look at our wide range of indoor plants.

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