Brighten up your work space or home office with these tropical indoor plants

Brighten up your work space or home office with these tropical indoor plants

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Did you know that plants can improve your concentration? Research has shown that plants can reduce stress and improve your concentration immensely. What more reason do you need to fill your home office with greenery? You know for yourself that plants make a room more cheerful. We've selected two plants that are perfect for people who want to brighten up their home office. They are colourful, purify the air so you can concentrate better and are also easy to care for. The perfect home office plants. What plants are we talking about? Introducing the Anthurium and the Bromeliad!

The Anthurium: 365 days of colour a year in your home

The Anthurium, also known as the flamingo flower, originates from South America and comes in more than 600 varieties. You can recognise this tropical beauty by its shiny, green leaves and colourful bracts. What makes the Anthurium special is that it blooms all year round — not something you see every day! And once the flowers are done blooming? Don't worry! A new flower will grow on every new leaf. This plant is perfect for anyone wanting to brighten up their home office as you can enjoy it all year round. The Anthurium comes in a range of different colours: green, brown, purple, red, white and everything in between.

Care tips

  • Place the Anthurium in a well-lit area, but not in direct sunlight as it won't do too well there.
  • The Anthurium does not need a lot of water. Always keep the soil slightly moist. You can let the soil dry out a little more in winter.
  • Regularly spray the plant to recreate the humidity of a tropical rainforest. And don't forget the underside of the leaves — they also love moisture.
  • Give the plant some plant food once every three weeks to stimulate flowering.

Anthurium: Did you know...
Did you know that the Anthurium flower is shaped like a heart? Its unique heart shape and enduring character makes the Anthurium an authentic symbol of exotic beauty.

Bromeliad: It doesn't get more tropical than this

The Bromeliad originates from the Andes and Uruguay, but now grows across Central and South America. Bromeliad is the name of an incredibly large family of plants; there are a good 2,800 different varieties! This family of plants includes the Aechmea, Ananas, Guzmania, Tillandsia and Vriesea. Whichever variety you choose, a Bromeliad is always cheerful and colourful, and adds a tropical flair to your home office. When the Bromeliad has finished flowering, the plant slowly dies. But don't worry! It's easy to take cuttings from the parent plant.

Care tips

  • The Bromeliad also loves daylight but not direct sunlight.
  • Good to know: The Bromeliad needs the most water in its rosette. Water the potting soil more sparingly.
  • Water the plant once a week and make sure that the soil stays moist. Giving it too much water will cause the plant to drown.
  • Give the plant some plant food once a month to stimulate flowering.

Bromeliad style
For real fans: Enhance the plant experience with the 'Bromeliastyle' playlist on Spotify for an immediate tropical ambiance.

An urban jungle in your home office

We would love to turn every single home office into an urban jungle. We believe that you can never have too much greenery. Put different varieties of Anthuriums and Bromeliads together with various other green plants and create an urban jungle in no time! Can you think of a better home office set up? Would you like to know more about how to style the Anthurium and Bromeliad, for instance by playing about with different colours? Then why not read this blog?

Extra styling tip: A tropical pot needs a colourful pot. Add the finishing touch to your home office with a colourful pot. For a limited time only, you will receive a free elho pot when you buy an Anthurium or Bromeliad. Read more here.

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