Flowering indoor plants : show-stopping element in your interior

Flowering indoor plants : show-stopping element in your interior

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Flowering indoor plants mean you can enjoy year-round flowers in your home. And with these colourful plants, you will no longer need to buy bouquets of flowers. House plants are increasingly being seen as part of your interior design, so it is important that they fit in well with the rest of your decor and give the desired effect.

Subtle colour in your home

Flowering indoor plants come in all manner of different colours and shapes, so you can play around with greenery inside your home. Would you like to add a touch of subtle colour? Then go for our flowering indoor plants in pastel shades. These calm colour tones suit any interior decor. Pastel colours provide softness in a brightly coloured interior or subtle colour in an interior with many neutral colours such as white, grey or brown. The orchid is perfect for this. For example, why not place an orchid on the dining table or a pot rose in an empty corner? The complete picture radiates tranquillity, while the flowers provide brightness and cheer.

Flowers as a statement in the home

It is lovely to see indoor plants stealing the show in the living room. Flowering indoor plants are ideal for this. Flowering plants can create an explosion of colour in your home. What about that empty corner of the living room, for example? The Bromeliad is so eye-catching that it can change the entire look and feel of your room. The whole room appears brighter and happier. The bright pink or orange fans of the Bromeliad immediately attract your attention. Or take the bright pink pot rose, which makes it feel like the sun is always shining, putting a smile on the face of anyone who enters your home.

Colour blocking: a trend that is here to stay

Colour blocking is the latest craze. It is reminiscent of a retro style, where colours are as bright as can be, contrasts are explosive and shapes as big as possible. How about our fiery red Anthurium against a blue back wall? Or an orange Amaryllis on a yellow table? Just choose your favourite colours, furniture and plants and make it into a beautiful whole. All of our flowering indoor plants are ideal for this. Introduce the most beautiful colour block effects with greenery.

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