On holiday in your own bohemian-style garden or balcony

On holiday in your own bohemian-style garden or balcony

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Do you ever have this feeling? The sun is shining but you have to work all day. With a busy working day behind you, all you want to do is to relax in your garden. So give your garden, patio, roof deck or balcony a bohemian look and find serenity. This style brings the holiday vibe to the surface. The plants in your garden will take you on a trip to Ibiza. Get started with these easy tips.

What is the bohemian style?

The bohemian style is known for its accessories from the 60s and 70s. Lots of cheerful colours are mixed with serene white and natural tones. This style involves multiple rugs and curtains to create seating areas. Where the lounge sets and rugs often have bright colours, covering textiles in white create a sense of tranquillity. This style often includes a pergola providing a roof for the lounge area. And adding an extra colour boost with plants is lots of fun.

Plants can make all the difference

Plants play the leading roles in the bohemian garden. Plant selections mirror the colour combinations in the garden furniture: bright tints against a calming green colour. The foundation of the garden is a green lawn. This cool rug is perfect as a comfortable seating area.

With just a rug and a cushion, you can create a cosy, bohemian relaxation area. But of course, it doesn't stop there! The bohemian garden get its colour from flowering shrubs, cheerful flower bulbs and a mix of both in cut bouquets. The colour purple is a common sight. Think, for example, of Lavender, Dahlias, Gladioli and Alliums. Plant them together with an ornamental grass in a border. Complete the picture with the pink flowers of the Oleander. You can set a vibrant bouquet of cut flowers on the table. Use many flower bulbs or pick flowers from your shrubs. But flower seeds are especially suitable for a bouquet of cut flowers. Make it easy on yourself with Bakker’s cut flower mix. It will give you strong flower seeds that produce the most beautiful flowers in every colour.

Pergolas are a common feature in bohemian gardens. This is the perfect way to create a bit of shade on a hot day. You can decorate the pergola with climbing plants, such as the tropical passion flower or the radiant clematis. Attaching hanging pots of Tuscan Jasmine to the beams is another option for a super colourful, Mediterranean look. This will boost your garden's holiday vibe. Climbing and hanging plants also do well on the patio or balcony. Place the climbing plants in an elegant white pot and let them grow against a climbing rack on the wall.

The bohemian trend is also known for its tropical plants. Soon you will end up with exotic palms. Then the holiday will have well and truly started! Plant them in the open ground, in a large terracotta pot or a nice rattan basket. It is almost as if you’re at a tropical resort. Bamboos and ornamental grasses also make excellent plants for partitioning off a corner, or to provide shelter for the whole garden. The non-invasive bamboo Fargesia is perfect for this. The peaceful green of the bamboo mixed with the light plumes of ornamental grass lend a zen feeling to the garden. For a rugged Ibiza effect, complete the garden with some cacti. Play with the heights of the cacti to create a hilly effect.

Make it all complete

For a bohemian look, plants create the ambiance, but to create a real holiday feeling, having a few accessories is essential. For example, consider hanging a hammock to dream away in, or as a place to enjoy viewing your beautiful garden from. You also want to be able to sit in the garden for a long time of an evening. Set the mood by hanging some fairy lights for peacefully watching the sun go down.

Inspired to start working on your own bohemian garden?

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