The modern garden

The modern garden

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It's possible! Clean lines and a loose, natural-looking shade create a modern garden with a warm atmosphere and personal touch.

In our modern example garden, the tightly clipped hedge, trained trees and boxwood are a beautiful contrast to the natural-looking plants in the borders. This particular contrast of different types of plants, trees and bulbs provide a spectacular look of a modern garden.

The following gardening tips are useful gardening ideas to apply to achieve this modern ambience, adding a personal touch to any garden.

Serene basic garden

Group the plants, shrubs and bulbs in a narrow border around a rectangular lawn. Keep the base of this modern garden clean by using the straight lines of the hedge, the espaliers and tightly clipped boxwood and go to town with spectacular colours of annuals and bulbs in between.

On the patio, use some pretty rectangular flower pots with spherical boxwood in a row and plant them with bulbs and annuals.

Shade in the garden

The use of espaliers provides natural shade on the patio and gives a nice depth to the garden. This is a great place to provide additional seating, which can be created in the hedge, in the form of a stone bench in a high wall, or a beautiful modern garden bench, which nicely breaks the length of the fence or boundary.

Tight shapes and spectacular colour combinations

The striking colour combination in our example garden of yellow and blue flowers truly stands out but any colour can be added, of course. Imagine using different shades of yellow. Or why not try fiery orange flowers combined with spectacular dark purple flowers and plants with very dark leaves? A unique and original look, beautiful ... with bulbs and annuals, this modern garden can also look different every year!

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