Top winter-hardy plants to brighten up your garden

Top winter-hardy plants to brighten up your garden

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Winter is coming! Get started creating your own winter wonderland. Of course, this is best done with plants that can withstand the cold and retain their colour in winter. Winter-hardy garden plants are exactly what you are looking for. They make you happy when you look outside in winter. With these plants you have the most beautiful, green garden in winter.

1. Skimmia

The skimmia is a garden plant that stays beautiful all year round. The plant flowers in spring, from March to May. The white flowers are not only beautiful, they also smell wonderful. After flowering you can enjoy the new flower buds that develop in the autumn. These buds are light green or sometimes red and have a nice colour contrast against the dark green leaves. In addition, female Skimmias also get fire-red berries. The skimmia has a lot of fans and the leaves and berries are often used in interior decoration, too. For example, make a beautiful Christmas piece with the flower buds or include the berries in your Christmas wreath.


2. Camelia

Do you want a real fairy tale garden? Then the wonderful camelia is a must-have. This ornamental shrub looks beautiful against a pergola. It will make it look like you have roses in the garden this winter. The rose-like blooms of the camelia flower from February until well into May. You can also choose to grow the bush lower over a large area. It will seem like flowers are coming from everywhere. After flowering, remove the spent flowers and cut off the wild branches. The leaves can be left. They stay green. This type of green bush is so lovely outside in a white winter.

3. Photinia

Many winter-hardy shrubs do not bloom during the winter, making it a big, green party outside. The photinia adds a playful effect with its pink or red leaves. Of course, you will want to have a little bit of colour. The plant can be used as a shrub and as a hedge. This strong plant does not need any help during winter. It can tolerate temperatures as low as about -15⁰C.

4. Firethorn

Berries are part of the autumn feeling. The firethorn flowers beautifully at the start of summer, in May and June. Then the flowers turn into red or orange berries. The firethorn can be used in different ways. Put it in the full ground as a bush, use the firethorn as a hedge plant for green fencing or let the plant climb against a trellis. Enjoy the colour outside and bring it indoors as well. The branches of the firethorn are perfect for indoor display in a vase. It makes an attractive autumn bouquet.


5. Rhododendron

To enjoy green this winter you don't have to have a garden. An ideal terrace and balcony plant is the rhododendron. The plant flowers, like the firethorn, in May and June. It comes in all kinds of bright colours like purple, white or pink. In winter you can enjoy the strong, green leaves instead of the colourful spring flowers. These leaves come in different shapes, the one even more special than the other. The Rhododendron 'Bollywood' seems to give good value with its silver-edged green leaves.


6. Buxus

The luxury boxwood is of course indispensable in the front and back garden. The boxwood in the shape of a sphere comes in a chic, decorative pot. Place the boxwood sphere next to your door to give your guests a warm welcome. The plant is also often found in castles and historic, well-appointed houses. Add a luxurious touch to your home and complete your winter wonderland.


Don't see your favourite garden plant? Have no fear! has an extensive range of winter-hardy and evergreen shrubs. Choose your ideal garden plants for a lovely, green winter.

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