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Rhododendron is an exceptionally pretty, long living, evergreen shrub, ideal for the garden. The various types of rhododendron will amaze you with their lovely flowers in many different colours. The flowering time of the rhododendron varies according to their variety - from February to March and from August to September. Rhododendron plants combine perfectly with hydrangeas and ferns but will also look just great on their own, used as hedging in your garden or in a large planter. Take a quick look here and enhance your garden with a versatile rhododendron!

Buying a Rhododendron

The rhododendron is a very popular ornamental, evergreen shrub. The different rhododendron varieties will amaze you with flowers in many different colours. Depending on the variety, the flowering times can vary - from February to March and from August to September. Most varieties of rhododendrons have leathery, glossy foliage.

Planting Rhododendron

A rhododendron prefers a shady or part/shady spot and looks very attractive when combined with hydrangeas and ferns. Heathers also enjoy the same soil as the rhododendrons and look lovely planted alongside rhododendrons, illustrating how versatile the rhododendron is. These shrubs even look great on their own. The slightly larger and taller varieties of rhododendron make great hedging and also make the ideal container plant for on the patio. The smaller and low-growing varieties of rhododendron look amazing in a rockery. In short, there are lots you can do with a rhododendron in your garden.

Caring for Rhododendron 

Prune your rhododendron immediately after flowering so the plant can form new buds. Your rhododendron will thank you for a scattering of special, organic rhododendron fertiliser once a year. Rhododendron prefer an acidic soil, it's advisable to keep the soil surrounding your plant nice and moist.

The origins of the Rhododendron

The word rhododendron comes from the ancient Greeks and is composed of two words - ‘Rhodo’ meaning rose and ‘Dendron’ meaning tree. The azaleas are classified under the genus rhododendron. This again is classified under Ericaceae, which also includes the heathers like Calluna and Erica as well as Gaultheria and Vaccinium.
Quite the extended family! Rhododendron actually has many thousands of varieties. Most of these originated in Asia. Some come from North America such as Rhododendron catawbiense or Rhododendron macrophyllum. The varieties we all grow are usually hybrids, crossed from the original variety.
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