The green foundation for your garden

The green foundation for your garden

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A beautiful garden all year long!

The green foundation for your garden is laid with evergreen plants, which we also like to call a green starter or framework. The green starter gives your garden body and depth, but determines its ambience as well. Garden plants in your green framework include hedges, trees and shrubs. Their green leaves make them indispensable for your garden and each has its own purpose. You can change up the rest of the plants, but the green foundation is what holds everything together. For example, a beautiful tree breaks up your line of sight and provides shadow, height and depth. High shrubs add extra protection and privacy to your garden. By alternating these with shorter shrubs and evergreen plants, you create an exciting and surprising garden all year long!

Popular plants for your garden starter

Some examples of popular hedges for your green foundation are: boxwood, yews, hornbeam and privet. Evergreen plants such as the Prunus family, holly, Japanese holly, bamboo, rhododendron and conifers add body to your garden. You can also create a stunning, evergreen hedge with the five different shrubs in our range. Using taller and shorter hedges divides your garden into separate spaces, which creates an exciting effect!

Different shades of green

Be sure to showcase different shades of green in your garden starter. By alternating plants with crisp, light-green and dark-green leaves, you create depth and variety in your garden, which gives it greater definition. As seasons change, so will the colours of the leaves of the different plants. This will keep your garden green throughout the year!

The green foundation for your patio or balcony

Don’t have a garden, but want to do something with your patio or balcony? Evergreen shrubs, such as boxwood or Japanese holly, in a flower pot on your balcony or patio allow you to enjoy a lovely green view all year long.

Plant variety

When laying your green foundation, try to experiment with height differences. You can opt for tall bushes or conifers, but you can also alternate the heights of the plants in your borders. Using plants that are all the same height gets boring quickly. Create a list with your favourite plants and sort them by growth height. Shrubs (with the exception of the rhododendron) can always be pruned to the desired height. The plants in your garden are significant determining factors for its atmosphere. You should always choose trees, hedges and shrubs that suit the style, design and colour of your garden.

Patio, border, path and pond

A patio, border, path and pond all add some extra structure to your garden. By working these elements into your green framework, they also contribute to the foundation of a beautiful garden. These can help you create a garden design with clean lines and a modern ambience, or a more natural look with a rolling effect. The possibilities are endless!

Building on your green foundation

Once you have your starter in place, you can build on it. Do you want a lovely, full border with gorgeous hydrangeas? Perhaps a playful rainbow of diverse colours and shapes? The sky’s the limit! You can keep your green framework full and flowering all year long by combining spring bloomers, summer bloomers, flower bulbs and evergreen plants.

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