Gardening 2.0: Combining perennials and summer bulbs

Gardening 2.0: Combining perennials and summer bulbs

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Can you already picture what you're going to plant when spring arrives? Our article "Planting bulbs in the spring = a sea of flowers in the summer!" talked about all the ins and outs that you need to know about summer bulbs. But did you know that you can also mix summer bulbs? With other bulbs, for example, bulbs and tubers, or bulbs and perennials? We've got some examples for you to look at.

What's the best thing to plant and where?

You need to plan a proper layout for your garden or border before you start planting flower bulbs and perennials. Summer bulbs need plenty of sun, so bear that in mind, and you also need the right mix of different heights. Plants and flowers that grow taller go towards the back and the smaller ones go at the front, so you have a beautifully graduated border and you can enjoy all your plants and flowers. If you don't know how just how tall the flowers will grow from your bulbs, look at the packaging for all the details.

And remember to space them out. Bulbs won't flower until later on and plants grow and spread, so make sure that they don't get in each other's way too much.

Mix & match

Do you have a favourite flower that you really want to see as soon as you step outside? Or do you prefer a mixture of different flowers and plants to brighten things up while you're outside? We've got some ideas to show you how to achieve creative combinations:

  • Our 'Hello Summer!' flower bulbs are perfect if you want one particular colour for your garden. Each package has four different types of flower bulb, so you can have a range of flowers in your garden, all in your favourite colour. These are perfect for a border because one 'Hello Summer!' package fills around two square metres.
  • If you love seeing butterflies and bees in the garden, then our butterfly packages are perfect for you! Like our 'Butterfly' package, with a mix of Liatris, Gladiolus and Sparaxis tubers. These flowers often attract butterflies and bees. So you can enjoy an organic garden with all different colours of flowers. This package covers around three square metres.
  • Mixing perennials and flower bulbs is a great idea! You can combine the colours of the flowers with the more dominant green of the perennials. One of our suggestions is to mix Agapanthus & Verbena.

Perennials: the foundation for your outdoor space

Perennials are plants that flower again every year, so you leave them in the garden all year round. Their flowers, leaves and branches may die off, but the plant still comes back again in spring. Some plants need pruning in autumn and other just before spring.

Perennials also come in bare rooted form, where the plant's roots are exposed. This means it has already flowered for one year and is harvested when dormant. This makes the roots extra strong, so these plants will flower again the next summer after you plant them in your garden. Here at we have a wide range of bare rooted plants.

If you are looking for perennials for your garden, make sure you look at the following top choices:

  • Peonies are popular with garden fans. Red, pink, purple and white; mix them all up together to turn your garden into one big celebration. And our peonies are extra-large, to give you even more pleasure.
  • The African lily or Agapanthus will bring a touch of Africa to your garden, terrace or balcony. Our blue/white mix is perfect for a beautiful decorative pot, for example. The African lily flowers from July through to September, is hardy, and comes back again every year.
  • Grow your own strawberries with Fragaria 'Lambada', one of our strawberry plants. Its fruits are famous for their sweet taste and the plant is suitable for gardens, or in a pot on your balcony or terrace. When the flowering period ends in May and June, simply pick the strawberries to enjoy their wonderful taste.

We have plenty more perennials on our website; simply order online and we will deliver them to your door. Take a look at our wide range on our website.

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