Lawn fertiliser - Organic - Pokon

Lawn fertiliser - Organic - Pokon

Extra strong grass
Provides 120 days of organic nutrition. Pokon Lawn Fertiliser is suitable for any lawn, all year round. This high-quality organic fertiliser contains a balanced mix of essential nutrients It sinks deep into the lawn, close to the roots where it is absorbed quickly. As a result, the grass will be extra strong and more resistant to drought, moss, weeds and bare patches. With extra magnesium, the grass gets a nice, fresh green colour.
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Lawn fertiliser - Organic - Pokon

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Sustainably packed with recycled packaging material
Fresh from the nursery
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Largest product range of organic plants
Guarantee: 2 years

Usage instructions: 1. For a strong and healthy lawn year round, fertilise the lawn three times a year: in spring, summer and autumn. 2. Distribute, preferably with a spreader, the grains evenly over the lawn. 3. Spray the lawn if it does not rain within 24 hours of application.


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