Indoor Plants: How to plant and care for?

Indoor Plants: How to plant and care for?

Indoor plants have of course, practically speaking, become a necessity. Both flowering and green indoor plants create ambience and give a personal touch to our homes.

Planting your plants

House plants are easily potted into an attractive planter. Do ensure good drainage – use a pot with holes in the base, running off into a matching saucer. Or, use a pretty planter where the drain-off collects in the base. If you add a layer of hydro-pellets they will help soak up the water. Do use fresh potting compost and plant things at the appropriate depth. Fill the pot with more potting compost but do leave room for watering.

Caring for your plants

  • House plants depend on us for a healthy growth. Water them regularly and don’t allow the pot to dry out. If you can collect rain water, we advise using it in preference to tap water. Some house plants will benefit from being totally soaked, pot and all, now and again but do then allow it all to drain well.
  • Avoid dry air. The dry air above our radiators is not always appreciated or tolerated. Improve a dry atmosphere by spraying the plant regularly, or have a nearby bowl of water and allow that to evaporate.
  • Most plants also require sufficient light to flourish but some will not appreciate too much sun on a windowsill.

Feeding your plants

House plants need sufficient nutrients to grow and thrive. soluble plant food will help keep them healthy. Just add soluble plant food to your watering can – read the pack for the correct dosage. We also advise regular potting up after a suitable interval. The best time to do this is in the spring, before your houseplants start a growth spurt.

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