Climbing shrubs

Climbing plants give added interest and depth to your garden, making it look even larger. If you have areas in your garden that would be better hidden, then these are the ideal plants, give these areas a new look! They can climb to great heights to conceal dull walls or fences! A pergola or arch is the perfect feature with climbers planted next to them, the result will be beautiful columns of roses, jasmine or clematis in the garden. Garden ornaments such as these will give a new dimension and a particular character to your garden and using the flowering of your plants to their full advantage. Check below for Bakker's collection of climbing shrubs. It's a good idea to also check out the category 'Climbing plants' under 'Plants' when you're looking for a climber.

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Climbing shrubs

Climbing shrubs add a new dimension to gardening. The provide vertical accents and use space that often remains unused in many gardens – elevated levels. Using climbing shrubs can also be called vertical gardening. Climbing shrubs give a gable end or house wall a cheerful look and can cover an ugly shed in a sea of romantic looking blooms. Of course climbing shrubs are perfect for growing up a garden divider and they also offer nesting shelter for garden birds. Mixed with other plants, climbing shrubs can add months of garden pleasure.

Varieties of climbing shrubs has a surprisingly large selection of climbing plants. You could have an abundantly flowering one like honeysuckle, or one of the many clematis varieties. There are also climbers with freshly coloured leaves such as Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus) or Ivy (Hedera). And there are climbers that lose their foliage but also evergreen types. Winter jasmine is a climbing plant that will amaze you with its bright yellow flowers in winter.
For more tips on planting and caring for climbing shrubs, check out our gardening advice pages online.
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