Pruning  green & flowering shrubs

Pruning green & flowering shrubs

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Like many other garden enthusiasts, do you find it difficult to estimate when you should prune your shrubs? Don't worry, we're here to help! The pruning period depends on a number of guidelines, such as the flowering period of the shrub and the purpose of the pruning. Pruning leads to growth, provided you do it at the right time. We will help you with when you it's best to prune your shrubs.

Spring-blooming shrubs

Shrubs that bloom in spring (until June) can be pruned immediately after flowering. So, some shrubs need to be pruned in spring, the others in summer. It is essential that pruning is done immediately after flowering. If the flower buds are not cut away until autumn or winter, no new flowers will grow on the bush in the spring.

Examples of spring-blooming shrubs are the ribes and the lilac.

Summer-blooming shrubs

Shrubs are mainly pruned after the frost period. Spring is the first period after frost in which shrubs can be pruned. Shrubs that bloom in summer or autumn are pruned in spring. The branches of the shrubs that have developed this year bloom. These are also known as shoot bloomers. The summer/autumn bloomers have faded flowers on the branches in winter. You prune these shrubs back to just above the ground, so that the young shoots (new stems with leaves) can bloom. This applies to lavender, butterfly bushes, panicle hydrangeas and some rose varieties, for example. Note: it does not apply to all roses and hydrangeas. You can read more information about roses and hydrangeas on the pruning pages of these lovely bloomers.

Evergreen shrubs

Most evergreen shrubs don't need much pruning. For this shrub, only dead wood has to be cut away. It is also handy to prune branches that grow inwards, shoots that grow too far or branches/shoots that will get in the way of the others. Finally, shoots that have died or been damaged can be removed. Cut them down to the healthy parts. Examples of evergreen shrubs include Ilex, holly and rhododendron. If you wish, the evergreen rhododendron and Ilex can also be extensively pruned. These shrubs sprout again from bare wood.

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