Top 5 Houseplants for Outdoors

Top 5 Houseplants for Outdoors

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Do you sit outside a lot when it's hot and sunny? Why not take your houseplants with you! Most houseplants originated from the tropics, so they love warmth. By putting your houseplants on your patio or balcony you can create a true sense of being in the jungle. However, it is important to consider a number of things if you want to put your houseplants outside, such as the weather, food and pests. The plant variety is also very important. There are houseplants that can live outside and plants that cannot. We've selected the top 5 houseplants for outdoor enjoyment especially for you.

1. Banana plant

This exotic plant has large, beautiful leaves and thrives inside in full sun and semi-shade. Even so, you should put it in a sheltered place outside because the midday sun can get a bit too warm for it. At you can even find a banana-scented banana plant in a flower pot. They can be found in our range of houseplants in decorative pots.

2. The cowboy Yucca

This tough plant comes from the southern USA and Mexico, and is well-adjusted to harsh conditions. These plants were originally desert plants and add a Western feel to your garden. So they should be planted mainly in full sun or semi-shade. They can do without water for a bit, but check the soil occasionally.

3. Ferns

Maybe you have some of our ferns in your garden already. Ferns can be kept indoors and outdoors. The plants originally come from tropical and subtropical regions. They really create a jungle effect indoors and outdoors. Your indoor fern can also go outside when the weather is nice, so go ahead and bring it outside on warm days. Indoor ferns like semi-shade and should not be allowed to dry out.

4. Cacti and succulents

These plants are used to the sun and dry weather, so they are perfect for taking outside on hot summer days. Put them in the full sun or semi-shade, or underneath a shelter when it rains, as Cacti and succulents do not enjoy showers. They like dry weather, but they do need water from time to time.

5. Strelitzia

The Bird of Paradise plant or Strelitzia originally came from tropical regions in South Africa. So it loves warm areas. The large leaves add a pleasant green effect to a room or outside. Give the plant plenty of water, especially on hot days.

Tip: combine the Strelitzia with a banana plant to create a true rainforest look.

Taking houseplants outside - what should I bear in mind?

House plants are extra sensitive to outdoor conditions. Take the following into account, even for our top 5 plants:

1. Weather

The weather has an important impact on a plant's health. House plants that are bred to be indoors can be especially sensitive to certain types of weather. House plants do not like temperatures below 15 degrees. Temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees every day are ideal for your house plants. If possible, put them in the shade or partial shade. Many houseplants are used to indirect sunlight and can burn if they are in full sun. Your houseplants won't mind a nice and refreshing shower either. Make sure that water can always drain away properly. Otherwise, the plant may drown if too much water remains in the pot.

2. Water & Food

House plants need water and food more often when they are outside. Especially on hot days, house plants need extra attention. When they are inside, you water your houseplants about once a week. It's possible that the plants will also need water once a day when they are outside. So every day, just feel the soil to see if it is still moist. Give the plant some food once every 2 weeks. Fertilisers help to strengthen the plant and increase its immunity against disease and pests.

3. Diseases & Pests

Outside, house plants are more susceptible to insects. As mentioned above, the correct food can boost the plant's immunity. If its immune system is not strong enough to fight off pests or diseases, use natural pesticides. Check out our range for 'preventing diseases and pests'. Every few days, check the plant for insects. It is always best to tackle problems as early as possible.

Complete the jungle atmosphere both inside and outside

To complete your jungle vibe indoors and outdoors, plant your houseplants in a wicker outdoor pot and place your small houseplants on a hanging shelf. Use the rope to easily put a shelf up somewhere on your patio or balcony. You can also use a high pot holder to put your houseplant fully in the spotlight.

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