Top 10 pet-friendly house plants

Top 10 pet-friendly house plants

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Plants and animals are friendly by nature. Sometimes, however, pets may like a plant that isn't actually very good for them. Coming into contact with the plant may cause rashes or can even lead to stomach problems if your pet eats the leaves. To help you keep your pets healthy, we've made a list of ten pet-friendly house plants, so you can leave your dog or cat home alone with your plants without having to worry about them.

1. Palms

Indoor plants like the Kentia and Areca palms are ideal for a pet-friendly house, so you and your pets can enjoy a tropical touch at home. The beautiful green palm fronds will not only create a wonderfully relaxed holiday feel for you, but your cat will also have plenty of fun playing with them. However, remember that the Cycas palm is not suitable for pets; unlike other types of palm, it can actually be toxic.

2. Chinese money plant

You can tell from the Chinese money plant's appearance that it wouldn't hurt a fly, so it's the ideal choice if your cat likes nibbling leaves. Pilea peperomioides gets its Dutch nickname the "pancake plant" from its leaves, which slightly resemble the shape of a pancake. The charming appearance of this indoor plant will brighten up any room in your house and it is also very easy to care for. What more could you ask for?!

3. Bromelia

The Bromelia is a beautiful plant family that includes the Tillandsia, the Vriesea and the pineapple plant. All these plants are completely pet-friendly and are also a fantastic way to bring colour indoors. The flowering Vriesea has magnificent plumes in every colour of the rainbow. You and your pets can enjoy a more colourful home.

4. Calathea

The Calathea is a firm favourite in many living rooms and is also pet friendly, so this indoor plant really has it all. Known for its unusual leaf markings and excellent air-purifying powers, the Calathea is also called the "living plant". The plant folds its leaves in when the sun goes down, falling into a deep sleep just like people. The next morning, the leaves open again with a gentle rustling sound. Although the plant sounds may startle your pets, the Calathea is completely harmless.

5. Ferns

As well as being pet-friendly, ferns also bring plenty of green energy into your home. Their springy stems and bright green colouring make them a real indoor eye-catcher. The blue star fern is one of the latest home trends as its metallic appearance means it is perfectly at home in an industrial interior. These plants are also very popular with pets, who love to play with the leaves – so you won't need to buy any more balls or toys.

6. Spotted begonia

Spots and veins are one of the significant trends for indoor plants, with the spotted begonia playing a leading role. And the fact that this trendsetter is a non-toxic choice for your pets is just an added bonus. Unlike the popular Monstera, the spotted begonia is completely pet-safe, so the plant and your pets can combine to give your home a new look.

7. Spider plant

Spider plants create better living conditions for people and pets. This air-purifying indoor plant is well known as the best choice for removing airborne pollution, filtering out up to 95% of all harmful substances from the air that you breathe. Naturally, it also looks good. The cascade of light-green spiky leaves create the impression of damp grass in spring – and there's nothing better than bringing that spring feeling indoors all year round.

8. Orchid

The orchid is a timeless classic that never gets boring. This flowering indoor plant comes in a range of calming colours, adding interest and creating a relaxed atmosphere in your home. The perfect way for you and your pets to enjoy these elegant flowers.

9. Banana plant

Always thinking bigger and greener is a sure fire route to happiness and that goes for the banana plant as well. The Musa banana plant will transport you to a tropical rainforest in your own home, with its large leaves that create the impression of an urban jungle. The banana plant makes the wishes of all plant aficionados come true by frequently producing new leaves that unroll from the centre of the open canopy. Experience the moment that the leaves unfold for the ultimate feeling of happiness and let your pets enjoy playing hide and seek amongst the greenery.

10. String of hearts

The String of hearts is the only hanging plant in our top ten. We know what you're thinking: "Surely it doesn't matter whether or not a hanging plant is toxic for pets! If it's hanging, isn't it out of their reach?". True! But the stems of the String of hearts can grow to quite a length, meaning the leaves can sometimes hang at very low levels. Cats in particular really enjoy playing with the stems and thankfully this isn't a problem, so there's no need to worry about it causing rashes or other symptoms. But do make sure that your cat doesn't swing too hard from these trailing stems.

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