Top 10 air-purifying plants

Top 10 air-purifying plants

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Air-purifying plants are not only extremely decorative, they also improve the atmosphere in your home! These unique indoor plants give off healthy oxygen and help keep the humidity in your home at the right level. Want a beautiful air-purifying plant for your home? Choose from this fantastic selection we have created for you.

1. Variegated ivy

The white variegated ivy (Hedera helix ‘Eva’) is a sturdy, fast-growing plant, that not only boasts beautifully veined leaves, but is also extremely easy to maintain. This air-purifying plant always appears to be hanging or climbing, which adds a playful, whimsical element to your home! The variegated ivy will thrive in your living room, hallway, bedroom, or bathroom. It does best in a cool, bright spot, but not in full sun. Don’t let the root ball of the ivy dry out, but don’t let the roots of this climber sit in a puddle of water either. Water it every two weeks and add some plant food. Putting it out in the rain or under the shower every now and then is good for the plant.

2. Spathiphyllum

The Spathiphyllum (peace lily) is very popular due to its soft green leaves and decorative white flowers (flyleaves). This low-maintenance, air-purifying plant is native to the tropical rainforests of South America. These indoor plants will droop if the air is too dry, but water them once, give them a few hours, and they will perk up again. Spathiphyllum prefers a bright spot (> 12°C), but not in full sunlight. Don’t let the root ball dry out: regularly spray the plant with lukewarm water, give it some plant food once a month and remove any flowers that have begun to wilt.

3. Rockcap fern ‘Blue Star’

The rockcap fern ‘Blue Star’ is a compact, evergreen fern that makes an excellent addition to a shady corner in your living room, hallway, bedroom or bathroom. This plant has beautiful, slender, blue-grey leaves and is easy to maintain. The fern’s jumbled appearance adds a bit of whimsy to your home. Just as with other ferns, the rockcap has air-purifying traits.

4. Macho fern ‘Emina’

The macho fern is a lovely, air-purifying plant with unique leaves that look like kale! These are incredibly striking and decorative. This gorgeous, exclusive plant purifies the air and boasts a modern appearance with a lot of character. Give this indoor plant a warm location, out of direct sunlight and keep the soil moist.

5. Areca palm

The areca palm has stunning, bright-green, feathered leaves that make it very attractive. The leaves are not only beautiful to look at; they also purify the air for you! The areca palm is also called the golden palm and is native to the tropics. That means the palm can handle a good amount of light and moisture. The Dypsis Lutescens is one of the best air-purifying plants. The imposing foliage of the areca captures the contaminated particles and converts them into oxygen. For this reason, the plant is also very well suited for the office or other indoor environments.

6. Chlorophytum ‘Lemon’

Its long, narrow, green leaves make the Chlorophytum ‘Lemon’ an indoor plant that is both fun and stunning. This fern is easy to care for and also purifies the air. It will flourish anywhere in your home. The Chlorophytum ‘Lemon’ eventually transforms into a hanging plant, because its flower stems produce new shoots that grow up, out and over. Give the plant a bright location and keep the soil moist for years of enjoyment.

7. Dracaena surculosa

Dracaena surculosa is a unique, air-purifying plant with beautiful, big, green leaves! This robust indoor plant is also exotic: it is native to the rainforest. Place the plant in a shady location for years of enjoyment. It also looks great in different areas of the office or living room.

8. Dracaena marginata

The Dracaena marginata is a striking yet low-maintenance indoor plant. Its decorative, fine-edged leaves give the plant a chic appearance. The English name for the Dracaena marginata is the Madagascar dragon tree. This indoor plant is quite hardy and likes a bright spot in the home. It also boasts air-purifying properties. So, it’s not just a pretty plant - it’s also refreshing!

9. Calathea ‘Blue grass’

The air-purifying Calathea ‘Blue grass’ is an eye-catching indoor plant from the jungles of South America. What makes this plant unique is that it goes to ‘sleep’ every night by pulling its leaves upwards. Each leaf has a small hinge for this. When the sun starts shining again, the leaves unfold. Give this plant a bright spot, without direct sunlight.

10. Monstera obliqua

The English name for this tropical Monstera is the Swiss cheese plant. The reason for that is obvious when you see it: its leaves are full of decorative holes. The Monstera brightens up any interior! This climbing plant is native to Central and South America and is easy maintain. This is partly because it is easy to find a place for it. The Monstera obliqua does well in bright to shady locations, but it cannot handle full afternoon sun. All you have to do is water this stunning plant once a week, to keep it green and healthy. The moister and warmer the air, the larger the leaves will grow.

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