The five most striking indoor plants

The five most striking indoor plants

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These indoor plants all have one thing in common: they are the eye-catcher in each room. With their strange leaf patterns, they truly do set themselves apart from all other indoor plants. The dots, veins and colour differences on the leaves are now completely in fashion. Do you like an eye-catching indoor plant? If so, the following plants are perfect for you!

1. Calathea

The Calathea is known for its striking veins and leaves that feature a number of colours. From pale green leaves with dark green veins to purple leaves, there is likely to be an option for any combination you can imagine. Due to these colours and patterns, these indoor plants are a true show-stopper. What's more, it even helps to purify the air! The Calathea sleeps at night by folding its leaves closed. The leaves slowly open back up at sunrise. Don't be startled by the leaves rustling!


2. Polka dot begonia

The Begonia maculata or polka dot begonia is a real hipster among indoor plants. The white dots on the beautiful, large green leaves create a jungle effect. The red on the back of the leaves ensures that the plant matches the retro theme. Perfect for colour-blocking against a bright background. Would you rather have a different pattern in your house? Then go for another begonia variety. You'll find them in a variety of colours and shapes, with the most outlandish patterns.

3. Alocasia

The Alocasia or elephant's ear comes in lots of different varieties, shapes and colours. From green to even red/bronze, the Alocasia adds a new tone to every room. Our favourite is the Alocasia amazonica, also known as in Dutch as the skeleton plant. Its large green/black leaves contain striking white veins. These indoor plants give the room a bold look. The elephant's ear is another air-purifying plant. Put it in the bedroom for a great night's sleep.


4. Caladium

Wow, what a colourful appearance! That is the striking Caladium. This indoor plant has wavy leaves featuring multiple colours. The pink Caladium is the most famous variety of all. This plant has light pink leaves with dark pink veins. For a great colour contrast, the edges of the Caladium are green. Perfect for every style of living room! Simply a must-have for every home.

5. Tradescantia

We'll finish off the list with hanging greenery. Or should we say purple? The Tradescantia displays a cheerful mix of green and purple. You may even see white stripes on the leaves. You could hang this colourful sight next to a calmly coloured wall for a spotlight effect. Or go for a modern approach and put the plant in a tall flower pot on the cupboard. When the leaves of this hanging plant grow and hang down, it creates a nice jungle effect.

Are you inspired by these beautiful indoor plants with patterned leaves? Then browse our range now. Do you prefer slightly more subtle plants? Then read our article about our top indoor plants.

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