Out of your love of greenery

Out of your love of greenery

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Indoor plants need lots of love and care. One plant might be just a touch more needy than the other, which is precisely why plants are so enjoyable! That's why it's important to make sure that you know exactly how to look after your indoor plants. All the attention you give them is sure to be rewarded. Your plants will grow more strongly and look beautiful for longer. In addition, flowering indoor plants will also produce stronger and longer-lasting blooms. Follow these basic tips to get maximum pleasure from your plants, day in and day out.

Let your feeling guide you

Be guided by what you feel when looking after your indoor plants. Just like people and animals, plants need just the right amount of food and water. Both too much or too little water will endanger your indoor plants, so feel the soil in their pots every couple of days to see if you need to water them again. Push your finger around 2 cm into the potting soil to make a proper assessment. If the soil is still slightly damp, it usually means that you don't need to water the plant yet. Indoor plants such as cacti and succulents can be left without water for longer periods of time. When your plants arrive, it's particularly important that you check how much moisture is in the soil – and feeling it really is the best way.

Little sips with top ups in between

Is it time to water the plant? It's always best to give small amounts of lukewarm water. It is the favourite drink of many indoor plants. But tropical plants in particular prefer lukewarm to cold water. If the water is too cold, it can shock the plant's roots so they no longer absorb any water. A small glass of water is enough to keep your plants happy. Giving your plants extra nutrition twice a year, during the growing period, will increase their health and vitality. Mix the food into the water and simply water as normal.

Subtropical climate

Many indoor plants are tropical plants that like warmth and humidity. For them, a consistent temperature and enough light is essential. Avoid placing them near radiators or open windows. Spraying the leaves with water once a week is a wonderful way to keep these plants happy. Don't forget to spray the underside of the leaves as well.

Keep plants tidy

Dust makes plants look neglected and it can also be bad for them. You should also remove dead leaves so that the plant can put all it's energy into the healthy ones. Plants will often give you a helping hand here. On many plants, dead leaves are identifiable by their brown colour and dry structure. Yellow leaves usually mean too much or too little water or sunlight. Always check the plant label for help.

Tip: A quick way to perk up a plant is to take it with you into the shower. This removes the dust and sprays it with water all at the same time.

If you want more help with looking after your plants, then take a look at Bakker's indoor plants blog.

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