Bring the celebration indoors with the latest trend: hydroponics

Bring the celebration indoors with the latest trend: hydroponics

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Hydroponics, a form of hydroculture, is the latest big indoor plant trend! Don't confuse these cool indoor plants with their roots in water with office plants in a pot with hydro grains; you'll be able to see the roots of the indoor plant growing in its glass vase. Discover this cool trend too and join in!

Create a tropical jungle with this new trend

Our indoor plants in water come display-ready with a beautiful vase. Many indoor plants can be grown in water, including Monstera, Chinese money plant, Hedera (ivy) or Clusia and Anthurium, which are well-known hydroponic plants. Even succulents and some herbs—like sage, basil and rosemary—grow well in water. With all these tropical indoor plants, you can turn your house into a real swamp jungle. A plant in a glass pot looks just like a mini mangrove in an exotic swamp; fantastic for making your urban jungle complete. The water lends a calming effect to its surroundings and reflects sunlight to create beautiful colours and shapes.

Watching a plant in water grow is also great fun and the roots will soon start to develop and grow into all sorts of shapes. You can enjoy every stage in the growth of the indoor plant, which is every plant lover's dream! As well as making plants look beautiful, growing in water also has many advantages. Some plant species grow better and faster in water, so you can get even more enjoyment from the green leaves or colourful flowers. Hydroponics also prevents many problems that can hamper plant development, such as pests and diseases. Furthermore, you never have to think about the amount of water you should give; no more root rot from too much water or dehydration from too little. Super nice and super convenient!

Put your hydroponic plants in the spotlight

Our indoor plants in water love a bit of attention and enjoy being in the spotlight, so some vases come with cheerful lights. During the day, these plants have a soothing effect, but they really come to life at night, when the lights will create a party atmosphere in any room. On top of that, the lights cast beautiful patterns on the wall and you will be able to recognise the shapes of the leaves and roots perfectly.

If you want to be a part of this trend, simply switch your indoor plants to water now, or order our ready-to-use hydroponic plants.

We do our utmost to make sure that your plants arrive safely. Interested to see how how we pack hydroponic plants? Take a look at the video below.

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