Large indoor plants: the star in any room

Large indoor plants: the star in any room

Indoor plants | 24 February 2021

Large indoor plants are brilliant for brightening up any room. Whether at home or the office, large indoor plants immediately create ambiance. A large, indoor plant is the star of the room. You can easily create a real jungle feeling with them. Besides being beautiful, large indoor plants are also very useful as natural room dividers. This way you can transform one, large room into two rooms. In general, the indoor plants in this top 5 require relatively little maintenance. Make sure that large indoor plants are not placed next to a heater. Do you need some inspiration? Bakker has put together a list of top selections for you.

1. Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise plant) 'Nicolai'

The Strelitzia is perhaps Bakker's most popular indoor plant. This tropical plant comes from South Africa and is also known as the Bird of Paradise plant. Unlike in the wild, the plant will not bloom indoors. But the large, green leaves do create a rainforest feeling. Imagine yourself on an African safari and enjoy the green view. What's more, this plant purifies the air, too! It stimulates a good night's sleep and helps you concentrate on work. Plant lovers always have a sense of pride when the Strelitzia grows a new leaf. At first it is rolled up, and then suddenly the leaf unfurls. See it for yourself and become a happy indoor gardener!

2. Philodendron XL

The Philodendron resembles a giraffe. It grow so tall that it develops a very long 'neck'. This tropical South American plant likes plenty of humidity, so why not create your own urban jungle by placing several tropical plants together. That way they retain high humidity among themselves and you can enjoy a lot of greenery around you. The plant's heart-shaped leaves give it a sweet look. Have you fallen in love with the Philodendron?

Please note: the Philodendron's sap is poisonous. Keep the plant out of the reach of children and pets.

3. Dracaena

The Dracaena is also known as the dragon plant, due to its rough and spiky appearance. This exotic plant originated in the African tropics. The Dracaena gives a real desert feeling to your living room. With its multiple stems you will have multiple plants in one. The plant also lives for a very long time, so you can enjoy its beautifully wild foliage for a long time. In addition to its beauty, this indoor plant is also very useful. The Dracaena marginata is an air-purifier!

4. Ficus lyrata XL — Fiddle-leaf Fig

A plant that looks like a fiddle? That is the Ficus lyrata XL, which has leaves similar in shape to a violin. This plant originally comes from the African rainforest, reaches heights of 120–130 cm and is a perfect accent in any room. The fiddle-leaf fig also does well when placed near the window in an office. By placing several next to each other you can easily create a natural room divider. Make sure that you can still get to your desk through all its leaves.

5. Ficus benjamina

The Ficus benjamina is a very elegant indoor plant. The plant sometimes has a single stem, but it can also have braided stems. Will you choose the ficus with a wild bunch of leaves, or one with a neat, globe of leaves? Go for your favourite! In the wild, the ficus can grow up to 10 metres high. This is still true in areas such as Australia and South-East Asia. Indoors, however, the plant grows to a maximum of 3 metres high.

6. Schefflera

The Schefflera has different names in Europe. In Dutch this plant is also called the 'Vingersboom', or fingers tree. This is because the stems that produce a group of leaves similar to a hand shape. In English, this plant is called the Umbrella Tree. Although we don't recommend hiding under this indoor plant's leaves. The plant itself does like a drenching, once in a while. The Schefflera can grow up to 1.5 metres high and also has an air-purifying effect. What's holding you back?

7. Areca palm

Palms are wonderful for creating a tropical feeling in your home. You can almost picture yourself on a white sandy beach in the warm sun. The Areca palm produces this effect right in your own home. And when it's hot, it can cool you down with its big fans. You'll find this palm in a variety of sizes, up to 140 cm tall. This air-purifying plant also features in the hippest interior décor trends. Plant the palm in a basket to be completely up-to-date and on-trend.

8. Monstera deliciosa

In recent years, the Monstera deliciosa has become an indoor plant that is an unmissable part of the living room. This popular room plant can grow into a giant. Its large leaves with holes grow every which way. Tie them up to the moss pole to make a huge room plant. Do you know what is so brilliant about the Monstera? Apart from its beauty, it is easy to care for and is air purifying. The plant itself communicates when it is not feel well. Its new leaves no longer develop holes. So, the more holes the healthier the plant!

Are you going for a large indoor plant for the house or in the office? Or would you prefer a somewhat smaller plant? Take a look at Bakker's indoor plant recommendations.

We do our utmost to make sure that your plants arrive safely and in the best possible conditions. Interested to see how we pack large plants? Take a look at the video below.

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