Indoor plant care during a hot summer

Indoor plant care during a hot summer

Indoor plants | 24 February 2021

Indoor plants are originally tropical plants that love the summer sun. However, the care these plants need in summer can be very different to the care they need in winter. It is important to follow the following tips, especially if you are going on holiday this summer.

Watering tools

In summer, indoor plants require water much more often than they do in winter. Their leaves absorb more water in summer. Water your indoor plants several times a week. Water small shoots one at a time to avoid water pooling in the flower pot. If too much water remains in the pot, the roots can rot. The best times to give water are early in the morning and early in the evening, after the sun goes down. The temperatures are lower then, which means that water doesn't evaporate as quickly and the plants can absorb more of it.

Are you going on holiday this summer? Or do you forget to water your plants sometimes? Then a water dispenser is the solution for you! Fill the water dispenser with water and turn it upside down in the pot. The dispenser ensures that the plant gets the right amount of water several days in a row. Are you going away for more than a week? Then we recommend asking a plant minder to water your plants for you.


Many indoor plants love high humidity. But in the summer the air can sometimes become very dry. This can be solved in several ways. First, you can mist the indoor plants with a plant sprayer more often. This keeps the leaves and the air around the plants moist for longer. Position tropical indoor plants close together. That way the water in their soil won't evaporate as quickly. The potting soil remains moist for longer and the humidity around the plants remains higher. Consider putting a basin or bucket of water close to your indoor plants. The water will evaporate and be absorbed into the air. Finally, you can make a mini greenhouse for plants that need to be constantly surrounded by humid air. This can be done by putting your plant in a plastic bag and loosely tying the top of the bag. The evaporated water will remain in the bag as condensation and will sink back down again.


Indoor plants like sun, but the midday summer sun is a bit too bright and too warm. Keep sensitive indoor plants out of the sun as much as possible. Even plants that love a lot of light are best placed in a light spot, but not in direct sunlight. The leaves of the plants can burn if they are in the full sun for too long. Some plants develop singe marks when they get too much sun, while the leaves will turn yellow on some others. If you are going on holiday we recommend taking all your plants out of the sun, wherever possible. Avoid coming back home to botanical burn ward.


Heat wave temperatures are less than ideal for most indoor plants. They prefer a normal room temperature. So, find a cool place for your plants. For example, you could move the plants in your bedroom to the living room or bathroom. It is often a bit cooler in these rooms because heat rises. Humidity is often higher in bathrooms. It's best to keep windows, doors and curtains closed during the day to keep the house as cool as possible. You can open the windows in the mornings and evenings to let the plants air out for a while. It cools them off nicely. We do not recommend that you turn air conditioning on fully. Indoor plants do not do well with sudden extreme temperature changes.

Power supply

Plant food is very important in the summer months. At that point, indoor plants are in the middle of their growth period and need a lot of energy. Put plant food into the plant's pot approximately once a month. Do not do this more frequently than this just because it is warm. Overfeeding can be very bad for the plant, especially on hot days. Some even recommend against feeding during a heat wave. The plant is already getting a lot of energy from the sun.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your plants healthy this summer. Are you going on holiday this summer? We recommend asking a plant minder to water your plants for you. For tips on taking care of your garden during a hot summer, read the following article. Are you looking for plants that are easy to care for, even in the summer? Check out our range of Easy-care indoor plants.

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