Expressive greenery for a life full of happiness

Expressive greenery for a life full of happiness

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As well as celebrating our affection for one another, we're also expressing how we feel about our plants. Did you know that many plants also have subtle ways of showing their appreciation? Some plants have subtle ways of signalling their affection for us – such as the shapes of their leaves or flowers. The following romantic plants are perfect for Valentine's Day.

1. Roses for a life full of love

Today's colour is red – the colour of love as well as of 100 red roses! When thinking about love, roses are the first flower that comes to mind. If roses are your favourite flower too, then how about planting a rose bush for lasting garden pleasure. After all, having a garden full of fiery red flowers for months on end is even better than a bouquet, isn't it?

2. Marvellous Monstera

Monstera will greet you with a smile every day. It's the holes in its leaves and its springy stems that give the plant its cheerful look. The plant will also express its love for you by quickly producing new leaves – the ultimate achievement for every gardener! All these new leaves mean that the Monstera will quickly reach great heights. And if you've ever had a good look at the leaves on a Monstera, you'll know they are just like little green hearts – a sign from the plant of how much it appreciates you.

3. A big heart for the bleeding heart

The bleeding heart is known for its pink heart-shaped flowers and is probably the top plant for romance. You can feel the full force of its devotion from April through to June, when the plant produces its magnificent flowers in colours that will warm the cockles of your heart.

4. Lots of love with the Philodendron

This plant looks just like a tall column made up of lots of little hearts. The Philodendron Scandens is a true jungle plant that needs a lot of love, so make sure that it gets enough water and that the air is nice and humid. The Philodendron will reward you with lots of glossy green heart-shaped leaves, giving you plenty of love in return as well.

5. Forget-me-nots on Valentine's Day

The forget-me-not is the ultimate flower for lovers, representing loyalty and eternal love. In May and June, this perennial will enchant you with its pastel-coloured flowers in cheerful shades of blue or pink.

If you want a special gift for a person who really matters to you, then why not give them a green gift. As well as expressing your love and appreciation, it will also make the recipient very happy. Take a look at Bakker's wide range of indoor plants and garden plants to find the perfect gift.

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