Artificial plants: For everyone who is slightly less green-fingered

Artificial plants: For everyone who is slightly less green-fingered

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One of the most fashionable garden products currently available? The artificial plant! Do you already have one in your home? It sounds strange, but it's true — having an artificial plant in your home isn't such a crazy idea. The quality has increased so much that artificial plants are difficult to distinguish from the real thing from a distance, especially if you create a beautiful mix by combining them with real indoor plants. As a result, these plants are becoming more and more popular.

Artificial plants are often made of plastic, which reproduces the colours of the plant and the patterns on the leaves in detail. They don't have to be perfect, as the real version isn't either. Some artificial plants even have the irregularities that real plants also have, so they are increasingly going through life as a 'copy of nature'.

Attention: Art is not a substitute for nature!

Artificial plant instead of a living version

Why choose an artificial plant if you can also have a fully natural version of the same plant? We give you five reasons why an artificial plant can be better than a living plant.

  1. You never have to water an artificial plant. This is ideal if you are away a lot, often forget to water plants or if you just don't have green fingers. In general, you don't have to care for an artificial plant. If you decide to put the plant outside, we recommend that you keep an eye on whether the plant survives all of the different types of weather.

  2. You can place artificial plants anywhere you want. On the other hand, you have to be careful of the amount of sunlight for living indoor plants. You can put artificial plants anywhere, even in darker rooms, as well as the bathroom and toilet.

  3. You will always have a plant in top condition. The flowers are always really bright and the green never loses its lustre. Every time you come home, you are warmly welcomed by the most beautiful colours.

  4. As previously mentioned, the quality of the artificial plants has vastly improved. This not only means that the plant looks more beautiful and like the real thing, but also that the plant lasts much longer. So, you only have to buy your favourite plant once to have years of enjoyment.

  5. Artificial plants are for everyone. You don't have to have much knowledge of gardening to still enjoy them. Not to mention, artificial plants are the ideal solution for people with allergies.

Our recommendations if you opt not to go for a living plant

So, have we convinced you to buy an artificial plant? Then these are recommendations for some artificial plants that can hardly be distinguished from the living version according to the Dutch television programme 'Eigen huis & Tuin' [Own home & garden].

Artificial Pilea

Artificial Tradescantia hanging green

Artificial Dracaena

Artificial Ficus

We have also made a list of our top four artificial plants:

Artificial Strelitzia

Artificial Monstera

Artificial Begonia

Artificial Calathea

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