A trip around the world in plant form

A trip around the world in plant form

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Not going away on holiday this year? Or perhaps you don't want to travel far, but want to discover the world anyway? Your plants can show you all of the beautiful places on earth. Every plant originates from a different place. Are you a fan of a certain continent? Then turn your house and garden into a matching style.


We start close to home, in Europe! Many fruit trees originated here. For example, currants are found in Western European countries, such as the Netherlands and France. Citrus trees are often found in southern European countries. Together with the olive tree, fruit trees create a real summer feeling. Your garden is suddenly transformed into a Mediterranean paradise. Put the plants in a robust terracotta pot to complete the picture. Enjoy this holiday in your own garden with home-grown fruit or your own home-made Sangria.

Do you want to add a touch of green from European forests? Then think about Hedera (ivy). You can put it in your garden as a climbing plant or indoors as a hanging plant. The plant grows quickly and will soon create the feeling of a real northern European forest.


On our safari in Africa, we are looking for this continent's most famous plants.

The Bird of Paradise plant might not actually fly through the air, but it is easy to spot. This plant, officially called strelitzia can be recognised by its large, dark green leaves. It also blooms for several months per year. You're sure to enjoy its orange and blue flowers.

Does this plant have tentacles? It may seem like it, but those are actually the leaves of the Sansevieria. This plant, also known as mother-in-law's tongue, is often spotted in East African countries. We prefer to keep it as an indoor plant. It is the perfect plant for people who don't have green fingers. The Sansevieria is low maintenance and practically indestructible. It also has an air-purifying effect.

What's on that stone? That is a succulent, the Crassula. Succulents are fantastic plants because they can cope with very extreme conditions and they can grow anywhere. They also do well as indoor plants. Succulents do not need much water and love some nice sunshine in the summer. If you decide to go away for real next summer, you can quite happily leave this plant at home on its own.

Is that a dragon on the steppe?! No, that is the dragon tree, Dracaena. This plant comes from the rainforests of Africa and so it also enjoys high humidity. The Dracaena will give your living room a tough, rugged look.


In Asia, we look for peace and relaxation in a green environment. The bonsai tree is the ultimate zen plant. Bonsais are on trend and can be kept both indoors and outdoors. Do some meditation in the garden next to your bonsai to relax.

The Japanese Maple will bring some lovely colour to your garden. The Acer comes in a variety of colours and will change again in the autumn. So looking at it never gets boring. Especially on a summer evening, it's very relaxing to watch all of the sunset colours on the Acer's leaves from the comfort of your sofa.

The Alocasia is known for its large leaves in the shape of an elephant's ear. In fact, the plant is also called the elephant's ear because of this. The leaves look like big fans for cooling you down.

North and South America

We won't be taking you to the northern forests of Canada or the south of Chile, but instead straight to the plant gold mine: the Amazon. In tropical rainforests, you find the most special plants. We are going for gold with the money tree, or the Pachira. Unfortunately, this tree won't give you actual money. However, in some Asian countries, this plant is considered to be a way of increasing your prosperity and happiness, making this tree invaluable for your home.

Do you see any holes in this plant's leaves? Yes, this is the world-famous Monstera. It grows in the rainforest with the tall trees. When it is healthy, there are beautiful holes in its leaves. A real must-have for styling your living room.

What a beautiful red or pink colour Anthuriums have. The Anthurium is already well-known as an indoor plant and you can find it everywhere. But did you know that the Flamingo plant originated in the Amazon? This plant blooms all year round and has beautiful colours just like a Flamingo.


Finally, we are going surfing in Oceania. Of course, for the biggest waves you have to go to Australia. You'll also see the cool Schefflera there. This indoor plant gives a relaxed surfer vibe with its serene green colour. Unsurprisingly, it loves water, so water it around once a week. But the plant doesn't like having wet feet all of the time.

We finish our trip on a small island near Australia called Howea. Here you will find the Howea forsteriana, a beautiful palm. The Kentia palm has wonderful fronds that give you a tropical feeling. You almost feel as if you are on a white beach with a beautiful blue sea in the background.

Do you want to create a wonderful holiday feeling in your home? Take a look at our wide range of indoor plants.

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