Which indoor plants fits your interior style?

Which indoor plants fits your interior style?

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Green plants complete a pleasant home ambiance. But of course you want your plants to suit the rest of your interior style. Some prefer modern and sleek styling while others like a retro vintage interior. We have a few tips for different interior styles.

1. Retro style

If you love eye-catching colours and eccentric prints, retro style is perfect for you. Retro dates back to the 1960s and 1970s, is known for its bright colours and striking patterns, and also features many circular shapes. Choose indoor plants whose beautiful tints are back in style. Our orchids can be found in a variety of colours. Or choose a distinctive bromeliad. Don't want a flowering indoor plant? Then check out indoor plants with patterned leaves. The colour variation and beautiful patterning make these plants' leaves stand out. Calatheas and begonias go with this style perfectly. Put them in a round pot or a colourful Artstone Claire flower pot.

2. Industrial style

The industrial interior style is a very distinctive style, with many visually strong elements and shapes. Metal and rough stone often feature. Wood also plays a major role in this style. In this interior style, greenery plays a more subtle role than in the Bohemian style, where green really pops. With the industrial style, look for plants to be more complementary to the rest of the interior. For example, you can opt for herbs in the kitchen in metal buckets. We choose small, green indoor plants on the tabletop or in a steel cabinet. With its blue-green leaves, the blue fern has a somewhat metallic look. Stunning in a Mica (Tusca) flower pot. These flower pots with a metallic gloss are very tasteful. Choose whether you want to go for a lighter or darker industrial style. The colour of your flower pot should also suit the style. How about our coffee plant in a wooden pot? It's subtle in appearance, but still incredibly beautiful on the dining room table.

3. Modern style

There are different views on what a modern interior style is. We reference the urban-modern trend, with its streamlined interiors and striking contrasts. The walls and furniture of the room may be sleek white with striking colours in the accessories. And parts of the room have minimalistic style while other parts are brimming. Would you prefer to keep the room's clean lines as intact as possible and leave out the colour? Then we recommend a large indoor plant next to the sofa. Palms are incredibly well suited to modern style. Their large fans fit perfectly with the extravagant shapes that characterise the modern style. Looking for the colour contrast between sharp and bright colours? Then opt for a blooming indoor plant. A large-flowered potted rose or a gloxinia will give your coffee table colour. Combine these plants with the modern Elho Brussels flower pots.

4. Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style is a more modern style that reflects many soft shapes and calm colours. Grey, black and white are alternated with light wood colours. And best of all, this style uses plants here to add colour to the room! Consider Monstera for example. This air-purifying plant not only brings plenty of green into your room, but also improves the quality of life in your home. Or go for a smaller variant like the banana plant. Put these plants in a basket to add an extra wood accent to your décor.

5. Country style

This theme comes from the French countryside and, as the name suggests, is inspired by a rural atmosphere. Lots of dark wood and other coarse materials are mixed with basic colours like white and beige. There is also a dark version of the country style. Grey and black are often used as the base colours. As a whole, the effect should feel warm and homely. With the light variant, pampas grass is perfect. Plant these grasses outside and you can cut and bring them indoors to brighten up your interior. Use a nice vase on your worktop or windowsill. Lavender is also a valuable asset for your country house style. For a darker living room, we recommend large-leafed indoor plants, such as the Alocasia or the Strelitzia. Their colour pops against the darker colours.

6. Bohemian style

The Bohemian style is known for its many colours and creative shapes, and colour makes a return here. This style's many colours can be found in nature: pastels, green and brown. This style originates from southern Europe and North African countries. To decorate your room with green we recommend hanging plants. These plants can be placed or hung anywhere without taking up much space. Their shapes can sometimes be crazy; fitting for Bohemian style. A beautiful hanging pot in pastel colours, or having a plant in a hanging rope planter completes the look. We recommend cacti and succulents as table-top plants. They also have eccentric shapes and earthy colours. You could put the plant in a terracotta pot. A rugged Dracaena is perfect for a corner. It gives your room an even warmer feeling.

Are none of these your style? Or are you just looking for other plants? Then check out our potted plants. These ready-to-go combinations are perfectly paired - the plant and pot are a match made in heaven. We have created beautiful combinations for every interior. Would you rather make your own choice of plant and pot for your home? Check out our Planty app! This app helps you find flower pots options to go with a plant. Choose your own colour and shape.

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