7 Ways to Get Creative with Dried Flowers

7 Ways to Get Creative with Dried Flowers

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In this blog, we will talk to you about a very colorful interior trend: dried flowers. With these flowers, you can instantly make your living room a lot more attractive. You can easily order dried flowers as a bouquet and then get creative with them. You can also make your own dry bouquet. Unfortunately, not all plants and flowers are suitable for this drying process. However, we have found out for you which flowers and plants are ideal for this. We also give you a helping hand and explain the best ways to dry flowers.

The benefits of dried flowers

Dried flowers are not only trendy, but they also have a lot of benefits. Dried flowers last a long time, sometimes years. Not only does this make the dried flower a cheap alternative to fresh flowers, but it is also very sustainable. At our supplier, the entire drying process is even realized with industrial-residual heat.

Another convenient aspect of dried flowers: you do not need to be an experienced gardener. You really don't have to worry about it. Dried flowers are also a lot of fun to get creative with. You can, of course, put them nicely in a vase, but you can do much more with them. We have listed our favorite creations for you and hope that your fingers will itch to make something beautiful with dried flowers after reading this.

1 – Flower Wreath

With dried flowers, you can very easily make your own flower wreath. All you need is an iron ring or iron wire. You attach the dried flowers to the ring with wrapping wire, and you're done.


2 - Dreamcatcher

You can also use the iron ring to make a dreamcatcher of dried flowers. Let the dried flowers hang down playfully for a real 'dreamcatcher effect.'

3 - Picture Frame

Dried flowers are also beautiful in a picture frame. For this, of course, you must first make fresh flowers dry and flat, for example between a book with some paper towels. It takes about three weeks before the flowers are ready to be put in the picture frame. Of course, you can also use a beautiful ready-made dried flower!


4 - Bottle or Perfume Bottle

Put your dried flowers in a beautiful glass bottle. It's even nicer to put several bottles together. Anything is possible! Do you prefer to keep it small? Then use an old perfume bottle.



5 - Small pots or vases

Also nice: dried flowers in small pots together, for example in the kitchen. Grab some beautiful mason jars and fill them with your favorite flowers. Or go for a lot of small vases and put them together in a nice place in your house.



6 - Dried flowers & paper

Combine your dried flowers with paper; then, you can do anything you want. Dried flowers are easy to stick on paper, so you can easily decorate cards, bookmarks, and other works of art with them. Also fun for children!



7 - Baubles

And finally, a creative idea for Christmas: dried flowers in Christmas ornaments. To do this, use glass or plastic baubles and very carefully put small twigs and flowers in them. Your Christmas tree has never looked so cozy!


There is plenty to do with dried flowers. Would you rather go for an old-fashioned dry bouquet? We have supplemented our range with beautiful dry bouquets in different shapes and sizes, composed with care so that you can enjoy it as soon as it arrives. You will always find something that fits your interior style.

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