The green interior trends for 2020/2021

The green interior trends for 2020/2021

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It is almost impossible to imagine an interior without plants. Plants are almost as important as furniture when decorating your house. Of course, you want to keep up with all of the interior trends. As a plant specialist, we'll tell you about all of the green trends for 2020/2021.

1. Colourblocking

Colourblocking is actually a modern word for combining all kinds of bright colours. For example, take a blue wall with a red table in front of it. The colours can be as bright as you like and the shapes large and exuberant. Choose flowering indoor plants and indoor bulbs for your decor. Flowering indoor plants add a nice mix of green and other bright colours. The bromeliad displays its colourful flowers for around three to six months a year. You'll find them in yellow, red, purple, white or pink. A good alternative is the Anthurium. Put it in water to show off the sturdy roots. Combine these plants with flower pots that are as bright as possible. Check out our range of indoor pots and choose your favourite colour.

We recommend indoor bulbs to add more colour in the house. Indoor bulbs are flower bulbs that can bloom inside. These create a happy spring atmosphere. Although these bulbs often flower for a shorter time than indoor plants do, don't deprive yourself of the pleasure of flower bulbs. Amaryllises are perfect to have around the home. These flower bulbs do not even need soil or a flower pot to be magnificent. Place them on a saucer in a warm place and they will bloom by themselves. Or choose potted hyacinths. With their coloured flower plumes, they fit perfectly in the colourblocking theme.

2. Green balance

As with our garden trends, the theme for indoors is "Inner Balance". Unlike the colourblocking theme, we want to create a peaceful atmosphere here. The colour palette in this trend consists of pastel and other light colours. The flower pots have round shapes and natural colours. For example, choose a white or yellow orchid. The soft colours are so relaxing. Combine these with green houseplants with light tones, such as a dieffenbachia or clusia. Bonsai also creates a feeling of zen in the house. This plant also adds an Asian touch to your living room.

The green balance trend can be extended to the outdoors. Japanese Acer and bamboo plants turn your house and garden into an Asian paradise where you can relax. Want to find out more about the outdoor trends for 2020–2021? Read our article on the garden trends for 2020/2021.

3. Crazy patterns

Indoor plants with peculiar patterns are becoming more and more popular. They are small green works of art in your interior. For example, brighten up a dull corner with the bright pink Caladium. Its light pink leaf with dark pink veins and green edge provide a striking colour effect. Do you prefer a tougher-looking plant? Then the Amazonian elephant's ear or Alocasia amazonica is more your style. The white, bone-like veins radiate from the almost black leaf. Place these plants against a light-coloured backdrop or in an empty corner. Combine the houseplants with patterned leaves with neutral pots. Use soft shapes and calm colours. The combination of striking plants with pots and furniture in calm colours makes the houseplants the centre of attention

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