Hanging plants: a green trend to follow!

Hanging plants: a green trend to follow!

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Are the rooms in your home so full that you can't make space for a houseplant? It may seem like they are, but there is always space for a touch of greenery! We think there is always a place for a plant, just not where you would immediately expect. Have you ever thought of hanging plants? Give your house a real jungle feel with our most beautiful hanging plants. How? Let us share the important points related to these plants with you.

Why we recommend hanging plants

Having a hanging plant brings a lot of advantages. To give you an idea of how amazing these plants are, we've listed all of the advantages for you. First of all, you can store hanging plants anywhere you want. The string of beads plant (Senecio) is perfect for hanging in front of a window. Think of a hanging plant on a tall bookcase, in your windowsill or in a special hanging planter. Make sure that these plants have enough space to hang.

Our hanging friends are not only a very welcome addition to small rooms, they also look great in large, often empty spaces. Do you work in a large office and don't want to hear all the conversations from the other side of the office? Hanging plants may solve your problem. Hanging plants have an acoustic effect, which prevents every sound echoing around the office. Plus, plants are a natural way to improve your happiness and combat stress. That's why Bakker's offices are bursting with greenery.

Finally, these plants just look very cool. Hanging plants really do make you feel as if you're in an urban jungle. Combine all kinds of hanging plants or mix them with other houseplants. Be careful not to swing on the vines  

Essential tips for your indoor hanging plants

  1. Caring for your hanging plant starts when you hang it up. Make sure that you have a sturdy hook to fix your hanging plant to the ceiling, especially if you choose a heavier pot.
  2. Think carefully about the pot you choose for your hanging plant. It is not only the look and weight of the pot that is important — but also how you use your plant in the pot. Plants are usually delivered in a plastic inner pot with holes. There is a reason for this, because this design allows water to properly seep through. Place your hanging planter around this inner pot so that it is beautiful and functional at the same time.
  3. Hang or put your green beauty at a height that you can reach yourself. If you hang it so high that you need to get your stepladder out, you will soon forget about it or skip watering. In addition, it is important that you can feel the soil to know when the plants need water. A pot hook that is easy to detach may also be a solution when your plant is hanging high up near the ceiling.
  4. Be aware that hot air rises. The higher your plant hangs or stands, the faster the soil dries out and the plant needs water.
  5. Take a close look at where your plant will hang or stand. Different hanging plants will need different amounts of light to thrive. So, before you order a green hanging plant, think about where it will be placed and how much natural light falls on that spot.

Our top plants

  • The string of beads plant is a funny little plant with leaves that look like small and large beads. The popular plant can grow very long, so please take this into account. Would you like several string of beads plants? No problem! It is easy to take cuttings from the string of beads, Cut or clip off one of the stems with beads on it and let them dry. Once the stem has dried properly after a period of time, remove the lowermost beads from the stem and plant it in moist soil. The plant will take root within a few weeks.
  • The Lipstick hanging plant, for example the 'Japhrolepis', originally comes from the Asian rainforests and is a beautiful flowering plant. With its salmon pink flowers and pale green leaves, it looks stunning and colourful in the home.
  • What do you think about the Hedera, the 'ivy' of hanging plants? It can grow both up and down. The Hedera is characterised by its rich green pentagonal leaves. In addition, the plant has an air-purifying effect and does not need much light. The Hedera is a perfect plant to add a little extra greenery to your office or guest room, for example.
  • Do you want to add colour to your home alongside greenery? Then the Tradescantia is the hanging plant for you. With its green and purple leaves, the Tradescantia looks stunning in any room.
  • Ferns are back in! These air-purifying plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and shades of green. Each fern has its own unique style of leaves. As the fern loves high humidity, it is an ideal plant for the bathroom or kitchen. We call it the return of the forgotten plant!

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