Getting creative with indoor plants

Getting creative with indoor plants

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Plants can be positioned anywhere and at any time, but have you ever thought about doing it radically differently for a change? Display your eye-catching beauties in a new way, so they can't be ignored. Research shows that plants lift spirits, especially if you get creative with them. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

'A living wall'

Do you want to add a green touch to your home in a special and decorative way? Then a green wall, also known as a vertical garden, is a super cool and original option. Why not take this often-seen trend a step further and bring it inside to 'green' your home? Make a vertical garden from that one, blank wall in the living room, kitchen or hall. Use different kinds of plants to change up the sizes, heights and your favourite colours. That's how you can create a gorgeous, refreshing and colourful artwork in your home. Really handy, because that way you can completely style it to suit your taste and interior, and it hardly takes up any space. So it's also perfect for smaller living spaces.

How do you make a living green wall?

  1. Get a wall planter (available at most DIY shops) and secure it to the wall.
  2. Choose matching pots and plants that go with your interior and the planter.
  3. Select flexible plants that can shaped more easily. Tip: hanging plants such as the Hedera are easy to train, which can help create a lot of greenery quickly.
  4. Be careful about the amount of space you give the plants, so that they all have enough room to grow.
  5. Use the proper potting soil and plant food for the plants.
  6. Secure the pots well, but take care that you are still able to water them.

Hanging plants

Hanging plants are an easy way to add greenery to smaller spaces. These plants don't take up much room and they are the perfect medium for showing off your creative streak. Hanging plants can look right at home, even in larger spaces and they are certainly suitable for adding an extra green flourish to the house. You can easily arrange them at different heights by lengthening them with an extra piece of rope for example.
Need inspiration? Have a look at this list of ideas put together with you in mind:

  1. These glass orbs will take you into the atmosphere. It will seem like your plants are illuminated in these little hanging vases. Lovely with a tillandsia or other small indoor plants in them.
  2. Would you prefer potted hanging plants? Choose a hanging planter that can be secured to the ceiling, or a lightweight pot that can be hung with ropes. Select a style that complements your interior.
  3. The wonderful thing about hanging plants is that you can put them anywhere you want and arrange them any way you want. Build your own planter hanging above the dining table, bed or even the bath! That way you can always enjoy greenery. Many plants also have the health benefit of purifying the air.
    Don't want any soil hanging over your bath or bed? In that case, go for artificial hanging plants. Ideal for darker spaces or rooms that must stay clean!
  4. Make your own green room divider with a hanging plant rack. Use a clothing rail and hang your favourite plants from it. Place it between the kitchen and the living room as a natural partition.

Indoor plants in water

More and more indoor plants are being transformed by growing them in water. This kind of planting is called hydroponics. This unusual style of keeping indoor plants will give your green interior an entirely different look. Plants like the anthurium and clusia, for example, are very suitable choices. But did you also know that Monsteras, Philodendrons and spider plants can be planted in water?

Step-by-step plan for planting indoor plants in water:

  • Step 1: take the plant out of the pot and remove most of the soil from its roots. Rinse the roots with lukewarm water. Note: you want the roots to be in the best possible condition. Be as careful as you can so that the roots are not loosened or damaged. It is advisable not to rinse them with cold water.
  • Step 2: fill a clean vase with water. It is best to use mineral water at room temperature. Tap water contains more lime, which plants don't really like. It will also leave deposits on your vase.
  • Step 3: place the plant in the water, but take care that the leaves do not touch the water. Leaves that are hanging in water can rot.

In the video below, we show you how to easily place your indoor plants in water.

Plants from the floor to the ceiling

The more plants in your home, the better! Green up the rooms of your house from bottom to top with plants. You can do this in multiple ways. Consider a large indoor plants like the Monstera. This plant can grow a couple of metres in height with its massive, beautiful leaves. Fasten its air roots to a mossy pole or rack to help it become sky-high. Create your own indoor jungle with Monstera bushes. They are so enormous, you could almost hide behind them!

Another way to elevate your greenery levels is with the aid of plant stands, plant tables, cupboards or ladders. Make a green 'stairway to heaven' by arranging a number of small green plants on a wooden ladder. Consider using easy-care succulents or peaceful bonsais. Complete the scene with lush herbs and hanging plants that can climb on their own. These will wind their way around the ladder steps as they grow so that you will hardly see the ladder after a while.

Inspired by these fun ideas? Can't wait to get started with indoor plants? Check out Bakker's range of indoor plants and get started!

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