Potting soil: the footing for your indoor & outdoor plants

Potting soil: the footing for your indoor & outdoor plants

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Everyone who keeps plants wants to enjoy their beautiful colours for as long as possible. It might seems obvious that looking after them well is very important, but what many people don't know is that this doesn't stop at watering. Does your current care regime for your plants just include watering them? Not a problem. We will provide the potting soil and fertilisers you need to look after your plants even better, so that they can start to thrive.

Get off to the best start with the correct potting soil

Did you know that there are different kinds of potting soil for all kinds of plants? Orchids need a different kind of potting soil to other houseplants. What about flower bulbs? At the moment, only 10% of plant owners use the right sort of potting soil for their plant, even though using the appropriate potting soil is essential. The plant's roots grow best in the right potting soil. Orchids need airy potting soil so that the roots can absorb more oxygen, for example.

RHP potting soil quality mark

In addition to the right type of potting soil, it is also important to purchase a good-quality potting soil. The RHP quality mark will help you identify these. Potting soil with the RHP quality mark is free from pesticides and pathogens. This keeps the plants healthy for longer and reduces the need for pesticides.

Nutrition for brilliant green colours

In general, potting soil provides roughly 60 days of nutrition. After that, it is important to feed your plants once every two weeks. Plant food makes the leaves greener and makes the plant less susceptible to diseases. As a result, this allows the plant to produce greater numbers of leaves and flowers.

In addition to food, it is important that the plant receives enough water. One plant may need more water than another plant. Search for the plant on our website and you will see how much water it needs. Is the plant not or no longer listed online? Our range of indoor and outdoor plants changes constantly. If the information is not available on our website, please check elsewhere on the Internet. Always make sure you have good drainage. If the soil remains too damp, the roots of the plant can start to rot.

What potting soil do I need for spring?

  • Are you going to plant bulbs in the garden? Then you need potting soil for flower bulbs. We offer the best potting soil for flower bulbs — the soil contains enough food for around 60 days, so that the bulbs grow well.
  • Don't have a garden but a balcony that you want to decorate with the most beautiful colours? Potting soil for terrace & balcony plants is perfect for you. This potting soil is specially made for outdoor plants in pots.
  • Would you like to start growing your own vegetable garden? Then we have special vegetable garden potting soil available for you.

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