Get ready for spring

Get ready for spring

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How much are you looking forward to spring? It's lovely to be outside and working on your garden in the sunshine. The time has come to make all your preparations for springtime and will have everything delivered to your door before the first rays of spring sunshine appear. But creating a good garden plan is the only way to know what you need this spring. Read on to find out about everything you'll soon need to get done in your garden.


Spring might be on the way, but pruning season is already underway. You should prune many fruit trees and some hedges, like beech hedges, in January or February. As soon as the frosts have completely disappeared, you can add lavender, hydrangeas that flower on the previous year's growth and conifers to your pruning list. Get the perfect secateurs now and make life easy for yourself.


It's not the most pleasant of chores, so why not make weeding as easy as possible. You want your garden to look fresh and fruity again in spring, so weeding is super simple with Bakker's organic pesticides. Just mix with water and sprinkle on the spots where you want to get rid of weeds and algae and your garden will be brand new again!

Improving soil quality

If you want to get a head start on spring planting, it makes sense to give the soil the proper nutrients now. Start by loosening the soil; turn it over and mix in fresh potting soil or fertiliser, which contains the right nutrients for your flower bulbs, perennials and other garden plants. This will give them a kick-start in spring.

Repairing your lawn

Lawns take a real beating during the cold winter months. You'll want to restore bald or dry spots as soon as possible and this is a doddle if you use grass seeds. Spread the seeds and press them down lightly and your lawn will be its radiant green self again after just a couple of weeks. You should also remove unwanted mosses and weeds by aerating the lawn. Finally, give the lawn a good mow to finish off the task. You will find everything you need in Bakker's wide range of products

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