Beautiful plants for your balcony

Beautiful plants for your balcony

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Are you looking for some lovely plants to go on your balcony or patio? With the right patio and balcony plants, you can enjoy a cosy, green space all year round. A little short on space? No problem! Reach for the sky and create a vertical garden with climbing plants or balcony planters. 

To choose the perfect plant for your balcony or patio, it's a good idea to see how sunny or shaded the area is. We've compiled a list of the best options to make it easy for you. It doesn’t matter whether your patio or balcony faces north, south, east or west, you can always turn it into a beautiful green space! 

Plants for a north-facing balcony or patio


Always thought that you couldn't have any plants because your patio or balcony faces north? Absolutely not true! There are plenty of plants that would love to live in the shade your location provides. How about a lily of the valley or a bleeding heart. And don't forget a lovely boxwood or a cheerful climbing clematis. There are plenty of plants that you can use to add a green touch to your north-facing balcony or patio. Take a look at our balcony and patio plants that do well in shade.  

Tip: Use pots with holes in the bottom. This allows any excess water to drain out easily. If the soil is wet for too long, the roots will rot and the plant may die.

Plants for an east-facing balcony or patio 

Fruit trees

An east-facing balcony or patio will be bathed in morning sunlight. Perfect for plants that love the shade and the sun! The gladioli is one of the sun worshippers that will thrive on your east-facing balcony or patio. Another plant that does well in partial shade is lavender. A shrub such as a hydrangea or a Rhododendron is also a good option. 

What do you think about a lovely fruit or citrus tree? You can walk right up to it and pick your own fruit! Take a look at our balcony and patio plants that do well in partial shade. 
Tip: These plants need a lot of moisture to develop properly. Select from our great choice of large flower pots to prevent your plants drying out.

Plants for a south-facing balcony or patio


South-facing patios and balconies get tons of sunlight. A great place for sun worshippers to work on their tans. Lavender loves the sun and is a big favourite to have on a balcony or patio. The dahlia is another sun worshipper. This is likely down to its Mexican heritage. Other sun lovers are: petunias, roses and the red stonecrop.  

If you have a south-facing balcony then fruit and citrus trees are also a good option. Take a look at all of our balcony and patio plants that do well in full sun. 

Tip: Water these plants regularly, sometimes twice a day. Flowers and plants in small pots will dry out faster than those in larger ones. To keep water from evaporating, it is best to use plastic or glazed planters.

Plants for a west-facing balcony or patio 


If your balcony or patio faces west, you get plenty of sun from afternoon to evening. Another perfect opportunity to mix and match shade and sun lovers. Think about lavender or a lovely shrub.  

If there’s not much wind, you can simply pick and choose whatever you like. However, if your balcony or patio gets more than a strong breeze, it’s better to choose plants that are sturdier, stronger and closer to the ground. The Campanula is great, but so are robust fruit bushes, like the blueberry. Take a look at our balcony and patio plants that do well in partial shade. 

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