Oak processionary moth trap - Pokon

Oak processionary moth trap - Pokon

Moth infestation monitor
Is your oak tree an unwilling host to moths? Pokon’s Oak processionary moth trap refill package provides a solution! You may be uncertain whether your garden has an oak processionary moth infestation. The Pokon oak processionary moth trap is a monitoring trap. It means that when the trap is installed it attracts male box tree moths, which in turn enables monitoring their numbers and the extent of any possible infestation in the garden.
In late May/early June, place the Pokon Oak Processionary Moth Trap as high as possible in the tree (preferably >5 meters) and on a densely leafed branch. Then simply follow the instructions and hang the trap as high as possible in the tree.
The result? A solution to the problem and a healthier oak tree!
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Oak processionary moth trap - Pokon

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