Lewisia 'Elise' mix

Lewisia cotyledon 'Elise'

Lewisia 'Elise' mix

Lewisia cotyledon 'Elise'
Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner
A lovely, colourful flowering mix of evergreen perennials. Great for the sunny border or a rockery. Will also thrive fantastically in window-boxes. The unique thing about this mix is the fact that they will flower in the first year! Mature plants will sometimes flower 4 times a year! Easily grown!

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Lewisia 'Elise' mix
Lewisia 'Elise' mix
How we measure

From the bottom of the nursery pot to the top of the plant.

Color: Mix
Edible: No
Flowering: May - July
Cutting flowers: No
Grafted: No
Green stayer: Yes
Growing Height: 10 - 20 cm
Guarantee: 1 year growth and flowering guarantee
Hardy plants: Yes
Latin name: Lewisia cotyledon 'Elise'
Leafs all year: Yes
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Naturalizing: No
Scented: Not Scented
Self polinating: No

Lewisia cotyledon is an evergreen plant that grows well in the garden but also in a flower pot or a patio pot. Choose a spot with good porous, sandy soil, for example in the rock garden. Add some compost to improve the soil. Dig a spacious planting hole and loosen the soil well. Place the root ball of Lewisia at the right depth. The top of the root ball should be just below ground level. Fill with soil and press firmly. Water immediately after planting. Lewisia cotyledon grows well in a spot in full sun or partial shade.


Water Lewisia cotyledon moderately but don't let the soil around the roots dry out. The soil may be a little dry, especially in wintertime. In the winter Lewisia keeps its ornamental leathery leaves. Ceased blooming flower stems can be cut completely away to improve a good reflowering. In the spring you can cut off the leaves that have grown straggly.


The very rich flowering Lewisia cotyledon is a real eye-catcher along the edge of the border. It is a mat-forming evergreen with fleshy, leathery leaves that stand in flat rosettes and remain rather low. At the end of the firm stems appear numerous flowers in light pink, dark pink and apricot coloured shades. Often the petals have a lighter edge. Remove and replant offsets in early summer when the Lewisia has finished flowering and you will soon be rewarded with even more plants. Also looks very pretty in a flower pot, a container or in the rock garden. Lewisia cotyledon is also known as


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