3x Pleione 'Tongariro' purple

Pleione ‘Tongariro’

3x Pleione 'Tongariro' purple

Pleione ‘Tongariro’
Garden full of orchids
Orchids in the garden? With the dwarf orchid 'Tongariro' (Pleione), transform your garden into a fairy tale. The purple flowers look so cheerful! Plant the tubers in the spring. The flowers bloom in the summer.
Space the tubers out when planting. The distance between plants is three times the width of the tuber. Plant the tuber the depth of three times the tuber's height. Plant the tubers in the sun. Water the tuber immediately after planting. Keep the soil moist while it's blooming in the summer. Water it less in the winter. It's okay for the soil to feel dry to the touch. The flower bulbs come in organic packaging. 100% degradable and contributes to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
A colourful summer!
All our flower bulbs have the A quality mark of the Holland Selection and come with a 100% guarantee that they will grow and bloom. You can be certain that the flower bulbs will grow.

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3x Pleione 'Tongariro' purple
3x Pleione 'Tongariro' purple
3x Pleione 'Tongariro' purple
3x Pleione 'Tongariro' purple
How we measure

We measure the diameter of the bulb. A bigger bulb contains more food for longer flowering and a stronger plant.

Color: Purple
Delivery type: Supplied as bulb or tuber
Edible: No
Flowering: May - June
Cutting flowers: No
Grafted: No
Green stayer: No
Growing Height: 10 cm
Guarantee: 1 year growth and flowering guarantee
Hardy plants: Yes
Latin name: Pleione ‘Tongariro’
Leafs all year: No
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Naturalizing: Yes
Scented: Not Scented
Self polinating: No

Protect these plants in the ground outdoors from frost, by covering them with a layer of leaf litter. A plate of glass over the roots will prevent them becoming too wet. You can plant your Pleione 'Tongariro' in the spring in flower pots, window-boxes or in the ground. If you would prefer to plant your Pleione 'Tongariro' in a pot, then choose a large pot with holes in the base and cover the bottom with a layer of broken pot or gravel. Improve your soil by mixing in some hydro pellets, compost, and granulated cow manure. Put the soil mixture in the pot and plant the root ball of the Pleione 'Tongariro' at the appropriate depth, spaced approximately 5 cm apart. Fill with soil and press firmly. Water immediately after planting. Tip: line a porous pot with plastic or use a pot liner. This prevents evaporation which will allow the soil to remain moist for longer. If you are planting your Pleione 'Tongariro' in the ground, then space them a little further apart. Pleione 'Tongariro' grows best in a cool, shady spot.


Use rainwater (preferably) to spray your Pleione 'Tongariro' and keep the surrounding soil continually moist throughout the summer. Add liquid fertiliser to the watering can regularly when in bloom.

Pleione 'Tongariro' in winter

Pleione 'Tongariro' often develops pseudo bulbs at its base, slightly above the ground indicating that the plant requires a dormant period. Water it less in the autumn until all the foliage has died off. Store the plant in a pot in a dry, frost-free area. When the buds are about 1 cm high (February or March) pot up in fresh potting compost, add a little water and stand in the living room. The buds will continue to develop. Water sparingly until the leaves show. You can now add some plant food when watering your Pleione 'Tongariro'. Once flowering is over, the whole pot can do outdoors as long as there is no more frost.
Plants kept outdoors in the winter should be given frost (and water) protection. When in the garden, use a thick layer of leaf litter and cover with a sheet of glass to keep the rain off.


Pleione 'Tongariro' is a dwarf orchid from Tibet, also known as the peacock orchid. The lanceolate leaves are ribbed and appear only after the flowers. This fairytale-like plant can be enjoyed as a house plant indoors too (although generally speaking it is an outdoor plant). After flowering the plant can go outside. A cool spot in the rock garden is also ideal for this little orchid.


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