2x Orange mint Mentha 'Orange' - Organic

Mentha piperita 'Orange'

2x Orange mint Mentha 'Orange' - Organic

Mentha piperita 'Orange'
Fresh and fruity
Mint (Mentha piperita) with a delicious orange scent! The leaf has a tasty flavour combination of fruity orange and fresh mint. You can harvest the herb all year round. The mint blooms in the summer with light purple floral plumes. Butterflies and bees love these flowers!
You can also plant the mint in the ground. Place the entire plant including the pot in the ground. This will prevent the plant from self-seeding. Put the plant in a sunny or partially sunny spot. Water the plant immediately after receiving it. Give it extra water during dry periods.
The plant is grown organically. In other words, no chemical pesticides have been used to grow the plant. For a healthy garden!

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2x Orange mint Mentha 'Orange' - Organic
2x Orange mint Mentha 'Orange' - Organic
2x Orange mint Mentha 'Orange' - Organic
2x Orange mint Mentha 'Orange' - Organic
2x Orange mint Mentha 'Orange' - Organic
2x Orange mint Mentha 'Orange' - Organic
Color: Green
Edible: Yes
Cutting flowers: No
Grafted: No
Green stayer: No
Guarantee: 6 months growth and flowering guarantee
Hardy plants: Yes
Latin name: Mentha piperita 'Orange'
Leafs all year: No
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Naturalizing: No
Scented: Deliciously Scented
Self polinating: No

Your mint will need watering immediately upon receipt. There are then a number of ways to continue. You could keep the pot indoors for a while, then later on move it outdoors, you could pot it up into a pretty planter or you could just plant it, pot and all, in a bed or border.
Just stand the plant with the nursery pot in a pretty planter with holes in the base, standing on its own saucer. Or just stand the pot as is on a saucer. There should in any case be good drainage.
You could also stand the pot, in its saucer, in a planter without holes in the base.
Give it a warm, light spot out of the full sun.
Whether in a pot or directly into the garden, choose a warm and sheltered spot. Do reacclimatise your plant first if it has been kept indoors for any length of time. Just stand it outdoors in a sheltered spot for one hour longer every day for five days. It will then be ready for planting in its final spot.
If potting up, use fresh compost. Remove the plant from the old nursery pot and plant at the correct depth. Fill the pot with soil and press carefully down.
When planting into the garden soil, we recommend keeping it in its pot to prevent the roots spreading out too much and it taking over. Cut the bottom of the pot away if you do this.
Water immediately after planting.


Water extra during dry periods. A dash of liquid fertiliser now and then will only do good and encourage your mint to grow taller and enable harvesting for longer.
Mint flowers in July through to September with flowers that are very popular among butterflies and bees.
Place the pot in a sunny or partly shaded spot.
You should be aware that mint in the garden can be rather invasive so it's always advisable to contain its roots in the pot, when planted directly into the soil.
Should your mint plant become a big straggly, for whatever reason, just cut it right back and it will soon make new shoots and  produce a fresh plant.


Harvesting period: throughout the year
Mint can be harvested throughout the year. It is easy to harvest mint by cutting off a leaf stem. Always leave the heart of the plant untouched. The best way to harvest is to use scissors or a knife, but you can also use your thumb and index finger. Do make sure, however, that you do not pull the plant out of the soil. Do not harvest too much from one plant. As long as the plant continues to produce new leaves, you will be able to continue harvesting. In this way you will be harvesting from the same plant throughout the year!ughout the year!


Peppermint was first discovered in England in the 1600s, in amongst other varieties of mint. It quickly spread to other temperate climes.
The plant has a high menthol oil content that is commercially harvested and used in mint teas and all kinds of sweets.
There are lots of varieties of mint which is classified under Labiateaeceae. Mint is a fast growing hardy perennial and it grows wild in any moist soil.


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