15x Tulips

Tulipa 'Daydream'

15x Tulips

Tulipa 'Daydream'
Dreamy splendour
Tulip 'Daydream' (Darwin hybrid) in a breathtakingly fabulous, warm orange tint. The flowers have strong stems so they are not vulnerable to wind. Perfect in beds and borders! Plant them in groups for them to look at their very best. The 'Daydream' tulip is also a good tulip for cutting and filling a vase.

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15x Tulips
15x Tulips
15x Tulips
How we measure

We measure the diameter of the bulb. A bigger bulb contains more food for longer flowering and a stronger plant.

Bulb circumference: 12 cm
Color: Orange
Delivery type: Supplied as bulb or tuber
Edible: No
Flowering: April - May
Cutting flowers: Yes
Grafted: No
Green stayer: No
Growing Height: 50 cm
Guarantee: 1 year growth and flowering guarantee
Hardy plants: Yes
Latin name: Tulipa 'Daydream'
Leafs all year: No
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Naturalizing: No
Planting depth: 10 cm
Planting distance: 10 cm
Scented: Not Scented
Self polinating: No

As soon as possible after receiving your 'Daydream' tulip bulbs they can be planted in the garden, pots or planters. If not, do store in a frost-free area. Potted bulbs are not usually frost resistant. Plant each bulb in a hole that is three times as deep as the height of the bulb - a 5 cm bulb goes in a 15 cm deep hole. Planting distance for Tulipa 'Daydream' is about 10 cm. Fork the soil well loose and plant the bulbs point upwards. Refill the hole and avoid walking over the planting area. Plant the tulip bulbs individually with a small trowel or use a special bulb planter. For larger groups make a wider hole and plant more bulbs together. The more bulbs you plant, the greater effect the flowers will have. Plant the tulips in groups of at least 6 bulbs, or scatter 30 or more flower bulbs evenly over a bed or border.

Potted Tulipa ‘Daydream’

Tulipa 'Daydream' grows wonderfully in pots and planters on patio or decking. Do ensure fresh potting compost and put a layer of gravel or hydro-pellets at the bottom of the pot. Plant the bulbs in a hole three times as deep as the height of the bulb - a 5 cm bulb should be planted in a 15 cm hole. Planting distance for potted 'Daydream' tulips is about 7 cm. For extra colour in the pot, plant low growing anemones just above the tulip bulbs, which will flower beautifully below the tulips.


The flowers of the Tulipa 'Daydream' are at their best in the first year so we recommend adding new, extra bulbs each year to keep your borders and pots looking colourful. 'Daydream' grows best in loose, well-drained soil in a spot in full sun. To protect the bulbs grown in a pot against frost, store the pot in a frost-free area or cover it with bubble wrap. Water during dry periods.

Tulip bulbs that have not yet been planted in the garden are sensitive to frost but once planted out in the garden, they are perfectly hardy.
Tulips planted in pots are more sensitive and will need to be protected in one of the following ways:

  • Store your potted tulips in a frost-free area that doesn't get too warm - they do need the cold.
  • Wrap the pot(s) in bubble wrap for extra protection.
  • If you line the inside of their pot(s) with bubble wrap before adding soil and planting your bulbs, your tulips will already have some protection.


The perfectly formed flowers of Tulipa 'Daydream' are rather oval and provide a dramatic display. This large-flowered tulip is a Darwin hybrid. The soft orange tint complements other flowers in the garden. Combine them with the small pansies and other tulips, such as the 'Tulipa 'Happy Generation'.


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