Pruning Roses

A rose is a member of the genus Rosa and there are over a hundred species and thousand cutlvares. Roses are definitely the queens of the garden and are indispensable plants, regardless of whether your garden is classic or modern, large or small. They are easy to grow and come in a range of shapes, colours and fragrances to excite the senses. Climbing roses such as the lovely, deep red ‘Santana’ trained up a wall or pergola, standard roses along a garden path, or rose bushes in a traditional rose bed are all stunningly beautiful. Roses really are incredibly versatile - some will also do well in pots on the patio or decking – and, of course, they are excellent for cutting. You can even grow roses, such as ‘Stromboli’ as a fragrant, colourful hedge which will be covered in scented blooms all summer long!