Seed Tapes

Do you wish you could grow your own herbs, salad and vegetables, but find you struggle each and every time you try? Instead of a vegetable patch full of brightly coloured peppers, delicious carrots and juicy tomatoes, you have a bare patch of soil with little more than a few weeds popping up through it.

What do you do if you just can’t get the hang of sowing seeds? Well, thanks to these seeds tapes, growing your own food has never been so easy.

A seed tape (or mat) is made of paper with the seeds – which have already been sown into rows – incorporated into it. All you need to do is lay the mat on the soil and water, and that’s it! The seeds are planted the right distance apart and the paper will keep weeds at bay.

You can still grow your own tasty and nutritious food, just without the fiddly part. So, whether you would like to grow oregano or mint in pots, or carrots and parsnip in the garden – we have the seed tapes that will make it much easier.

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