Protective covers for plants

Garden Winter Protection

Across the winter months getting out in the garden will become far more difficult, particularly during a frost. But this doesn’t mean you can forget about your plants.

While some plants will need to be moved inside for the colder months, those that remain outside - even the hardy ones - will need to be protected too.

We have all the frost protection you could need for your plants, from pop up greenhouses and protective covers to soil warming cables and garden tunnels. Take a look through and make sure your plants don’t suffer during the winter months.

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Protective covers for plants

How do I protect plants from frost?

Frost causes the water in plant cells to freeze which will damage the cell wall. Prevention is better than cure, so it is important to do everything you can to protect your plants during the winter.

For plants growing up a wall or tender plants growing in the open ground, simply cover with a fleece-covered frame. Evergreen plants need a thick layer of mulch while tender plants should be grown in pots so they can be moved inside. You can protect low-growing plants by covering them with a sheet of glass or cloche.

When do I cover plants for frost protection?

You need to be protecting your plants at the very first signs of frost, usually between September and November.