Large-Flowered Roses

Large-flowered roses are very appealing with their beautiful large, double flowers in the most elegant colours and striking colour combinations and are probably the most popular of all roses. These large-flowered roses also known as ‘Tea Hybrids’ are distinctive for their large, shapely flowers and some varieties have a delightful scent as an added attraction. Large-flowered roses combine well with other plants in beds and borders. In every garden there’s a suitable spot for these fabulous roses. You can discover our range of large-flowered roses below.

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Large-Flowered Roses

Big, Bigger, Biggest!

Large-flowered roses usually have large, double flowers and one flower per stem. How we use roses in our gardens has changed over the years. No more straight lines of standards in clean flower beds, with nicely hoed soil underneath. In today’s gardens, we aim for a more natural effect. As large-flowered roses give us colour and fragrance for a long time, they form a valuable addition to a mixed flower bed. Due to their size, large-flowered roses attract attention in the garden. By combining the large-flowered rose with other border plants, the ‘Queen of flowers’ will look even more regal and beautiful.

Planting rose bushes

The large-flowered rose bush prefers a nice sunny spot with lots of light and air around it. Large-flowering rose bushes can stand alone but you get a great result by grouping three to five rose bushes together. The flowering period is very long, from June through to November. Most of’s large-flowered roses can be used as cut flowers so you can enjoy these impressive flowers indoors.
For more tips on planting and caring for large-flowered roses, check out or gardening advice pages online.
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