Hyacinths are a favourite with almost every gardener. Hyacinths can be planted in pots to brighten your patio, where you can enjoy them whilst relaxing. Just one or two pots of hyacinths will fill the entire garden with their exquisite fragrance. Hyacinths come in the most fantastic colours, some even have double flowers. Choose one single colour or create your own colour combination. Hyacinths are a must for every garden. Make your choice from our beautiful and richly flowering varieties below and look forward to a cheerful and fragrant spring garden.

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Colours of hyacinth

Hyacinths are real spring flowers and you can buy them in lots of different shades. There’s red, pink, orange, salmon, yellow, purple, white and blue. Hyacinths have grown ever more popular, not just because of all the colours but also because of their smell. They will thrive in the garden but hyacinth bulbs will manage wonderfully in pots and planters too. Be generous with your hyacinth bulb planting and you will surely be rewarded!

Hyacinth origins

Hyacinths originally only flowered around the Mediterranean – Turkey mostly. Growing hyacinths in the Netherlands started about 400 years ago but it had been a popular flower in ancient Greece and Rome already. In the 17th and 18th centuries, buying and selling hyacinth bulbs was huge and fortunes were made. Even in those days, 150 pounds would be paid for just one bulbs – that’s a lot of money even now so you can just imagine.

Hyacinth florets

The number of florets making up a whole hyacinth flower depends on the size of the bulb. Larger bulbs can produce 60-70 florets. The larger bulbs are not always best in the garden as they can become top heavy and the stems can break.
Bulbs of 15-16 cm and 16-17 cm are more suited to planting in the garden or into planters for on the patio or decking. Potted hyacinth bulbs need extra watering if it’s dry for a while.

The scent of hyacinths

Hyacinths have a scent that most people really love – very characteristic and accounting for their popularity as a garden and houseplant. Usually described as very rich, or heady.

For more tips on planting or caring for hyacinth (bulbs), check our gardening advice pages online.