Ground-covering roses

Ground cover roses bring plenty of colour to the garden and are very popular for planting under trees and shrubs or for filling beds. They can also be used to create elaborate, eye-catching features by planting them in containers, training them up a garden statue or letting them trail over paths and steps. These roses belong to the Polyantha group, which literally means many flowers, so they are very worthwhile garden subjects and will treat you to masses of beautiful little roses from summer well into autumn. See below for our ground cover roses.

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Ground-covering roses

Planting ground cover rose bushes

If you use ground cover rose bushes you can plant up either big or small areas of the garden. Either way, all the lovely flowers will cover the ground in no time at all. You could use just one colour of rose, but a mix of various colours is also worth considering. Everyone can find just exactly the right ground cover rose bush(es) to suit their tastes at Remove overblown roses during the flowering season and fertilise now and then while the plants are growing. Ground cover rose bushes will also thrive in window boxes and planters.
For more tips on planting or caring for ground cover rose bushes, take a look in our gardening advice pages online.

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