Fragrant Roses

Many rose lovers love the elegance and fragrance of scented roses. The scent of a rose becomes more pronounced as the flowers open, a fully open rose has a different smell to a rose still in bud, the more open the flower, the stronger the scent. Not all roses have the same perfume! They all smell different, some have a sweet fragrance, others a fresh and light fragrance, while others are very aromatic or even fruity. So it's not just the shape of a rose that is important, or even its colour, but also the delicious scent of these beautiful roses. Make your choice and soon discover fragrant roses with magical colors

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Fragrant Roses

The scent of roses in bloom

In addition to the shape and colour of roses, some also have the typical rose aroma. Roses can smell so strong they can almost be intoxicating and heady. Fully double roses tend to smell stronger than the single flowering varieties. Double-flowering roses have more petals than the single-flowering varieties.
Roses can produce so many different scents than for example, orange, tea, pansies, honey or lily-of-the-valley. It’s hard to say which scent is the more appealing. Almost as difficult as choosing the best wine for example. The strength and intensity of the scent depends on the time of day and at what stage the flower is at, it’s usually early morning when the scents are strongest. Climate and temperature also play a role in this.
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