Flower bulb gift ideas

Go crazy with bulbs! Looking for an original birthday present, or a thank you gift, or perhaps something to mark the occasion of a new house or another special event? Then why not try flower bulbs? The super cool bulb ‘pizza’ full of exquisite bulbs – all packed in attractive gift packaging. This is what is known as an original gift! Truly Dutch and just that little bit different than the usual bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. Did you know that bulbs are also perfect for planting in pots and planters on the patio or decking? There’s something for everyone and for every occasion – find an original gift pack of bulbs at Bakker.com. Take a quick look and buy your bulbs online at Bakker.com.

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Flower bulb gift ideas

A-Quality Bulbs

All bulbs from Bakker.com are classed A-Quality. This means that the bulbs are of the very best quality possible in variety and colour, size and condition. Bakker.com therefore gives you a 100% Grow & Flourish Guarantee on all bulbs.

Planting Bulbs

The flowering season really only starts when the colourful flowers appear. So lovely to see, potted up, or in amongst the perennials in the border. Bulbs are just so easy and thrive practically anywhere in any type of soil. If possible, try to plant your bulbs in a sunny spot and always with the roots down. How deep should you plant? Around twice as deep as the size of the bulb. Then, cover the bulbs over with soil then water right away, especially if the soil is dry.
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